Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Comic Con 2015 Trailer Review

The first Batman v Superman teaser didn’t really interest me. Sure, yes, it was very brief – but we didn’t see anything that really gave me faith for the film. I love Batman, I’ve lost a lot of love for Superman over the years – so this trailer really had to give me a strong show of the Caped Crusader. I am happy to say that this trailer made me a believer of this project.

I’m not necessarily as hyped up for this film as the hardcore DC-readers. There are things I didn’t really like in this trailer, but the good outweighs the bad. So let’s look at the evidence.


So this shot bothers me (as well as the subsequent shots). Sure, it’s a very cool idea. But seemingly just having cops at the scene for an Alien’s hearing? That doesn’t make sense. As a shot for a trailer it’s great, but it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. The vast majority of people would fear Kal-El, even if he killed another Alien (Zod). Remember, no matter which way you argue – Kal-El fought Zod, he didn’t save the citizens of Metropolis when the world was coming to an end in Man of Steel.


Now this is great. In this shot, and the shots that follow, we get to know just why Wayne would fear Kal-El. Wayne was seemingly saving people, when Kal-El was just fighting. Wayne’s a citizen, Kal-El’s an Alien. This might be the coolest Bruce Wayne has ever been in a film without his suit.


They keep on focusing on his ‘logo’. ‘It’ means something. Hope, as the Snyder-film proclaimed, is what he symbolised. Kal-El is a God to the people in need as this shot shows, though he didn’t really help a lot of people in Man of Steel. Nevertheless, this is the best shot of Superman in this trailer. Spectacular.


Would you look at that. I’m more of a Marvel guy, so I can’t really tell the significance of this shot. But for the general public, the ones that haven’t read a DC comic book, this is still a very cool shot of the dead Alien. What might they do with him? Great shot.


This is my favorite shot in the entire trailer. Batman has been through a lot, and this shot proves it. I mentioned earlier how I love Batman – but the only character I love more than the Caped Crusader in DC is Dick Grayson. This is probably Jason Todd’s costume, but seeing this gave me goosebumps. Oh, and the chest reads: “Haha – Joke’s on you Batman”


Jumping ahead quite a bit. I’m still worried about the number of heroes in this film. Perhaps even more so, after having seen the trailer. The Batman and Superman action looks good enough for the rest of the Justice League being absent. We just don’t need anyone else than Wayne, El, and Luthor.


“The Red Capes Are Coming. The Red Capes Are Coming” – Great line, poor delivery/direction. This is exactly what I didn’t want from Lex. This line should be scary, not this weird. Luthor may still be good, but this is my biggest problem with the trailer.

All in all, this trailer is awesome. It does a great job of connecting Man of Steel to its cinematic universe sequel, creates a credible and intriguing vigilante Bat, and made most people believe in this Snyder-project. Great trailer.

I’m Jeffrey Rex

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