Marvelous Monday #20 – 15 Best Moments In The MCU So Far

I'm Jeffrey Rex' Marvelous Monday XX

This week I want to write about how great the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been, but in doing so I want to point out what scenes, events, or lines are the very best in the MCU (in my opinion, of course).

Do note that I will probably spoil every MCU film, including Age of Ultron. Ready? Come take a look my top 15 list!

  1. The Vision hands Mjölnir to Thor – Avengers: Age of Ultron.
  2. That Group-Shot – Marvel’s The Avengers.
  3. Baby Groot – Guardians of the Galaxy.
  4. “I’m with you till the end of the line” – Captain America: The Winter Soldier & The First Avenger.
  5. “If you step out that door, you’re an Avenger” – Avengers: Age of Ultron.
  6. “Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist” – Marvel’s The Avengers. (AdorableEvil)
  7. We are Groot” – Guardians of the Galaxy.
  8. “I am Iron Man” – Iron Man.
  9. The heartbreaking revelation that Peggy Carter is being treated for Alzheimers – Captain America: The Winter Soldier.
  10. “Puny God” – Marvel’s The Avengers.
  11. “This drink… I like it. ANOTHER!” – Thor.
  12. Shakespeare in the park – Marvel’s The Avengers.
  13. “On your left!” – Captain America: The Winter Soldier.
  14. Stan Lee’s greatest cameo – Avengers: Age of Ultron.
  15. “He’s adopted” – Marvel’s The Avengers.

What are your favorite moments in the MCU so far? Sound off in the comments.

I’m Jeffrey Rex

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