REVIEW: Marvel’s Agent Carter – “Bridge and Tunnel”

I'm Jeffrey Rex Episode Review - Agent Carter
On the 18th of February 2015 Danish Netflix released the episodes that have aired on ABC of Marvel’s Agent Carter. This is my first time watching and reviewing it, though I am aware of the fact that most Americans have had the opportunity to watch it

We need more great female characters, and I fully expected one to come out of Agent Carter. One of the things I love about this show is how they write Carter as a strong female character – she’s equally smart, and like she proved in the premiere she doesn’t need anyone’s protection. She’s perfectly capable.

One of the great things about episodes following the pilot – and what’s great about sequels in general – is that they don’t have to explain themselves or their characters. This can help any show settle in, and in Bridge and Tunnel this show becomes much more settled. No actions are forced, and the plot is much more nimble and free-flowing on the screen.

I love The Captain America Adventure Program radio opening – it fits in perfectly with the time period – and I like to see how the general world is coping with people like Cap having fought for them. Having Carter as the star, the hero, when hearing the radio program later in the episode was also perfect. Atwell is great again, and her little attempt at finding the supposed photograph of her at the club was as fun as it should be.

I am beginning to really like Jarvis, who is actually quite fun in this episode. He wants to help, he feels that it is his responsibility – which doesn’t always jibe with the very capable loner, Peggy Carter. I want to see more from Lyndsy Fonseca’s character – and she did appear quite a lot in this episode – I really like that actress.

This show is really pleasing me, even though I don’t care a lot about Leviathan yet. The characters are interesting, and the way they write Peggy Carter is stellar – this show is entertaining, much more than Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was 2 episodes in.


I’m Jeffrey Rex

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