Detective Comics Saturday #1 – Why DC Matters To Me

Detective Comics Saturday
For the uninitiated: This is a new weekly feature on the blog wherein I, I’m Jeffrey Rex, discuss all things DC. This is a test-run, however. Meaning that if this goes well, it’ll be a permanent fixture on I’m Jeffrey Rex in 2015, like Marvelous Monday is right now.

Here we are. Recently I asked for your opinion on whether I should start writing about DC. I’ve really enjoyed writing about Marvel every week, so this was a natural step for me. So why did I choose Saturday? I think Friday was off the table from the get-go, as was Sunday. And seeing as I wanted it late in the week, I thought Saturday was a comfortable day to place it.

To start off with I thought it would be fitting to talk about what DC means to me, and why it matters. Obviously Marvel is the most important comic book company for me – they have most of my very favorite characters – but DC holds a special place in my heart, specifically for specific characters that I love, some that I am intrigued by – and some that I’ve grown to, uhm, dislike.

Right off the bat, let’s talk about the character I’ve grown to dislike. So, recently I made it clear that I felt I had overrated Man of Steel as a film. Since then I’ve become better at reviewing films, tv, comic books, whatnot. But who we saw in Man of Steel wasn’t the Superman we knew. He’s supposed to be a beacon of light, yet that film painted him as something very different. Mr It’s-not-an-S ended up doing something very much unlike Kal-El, and his character did not really try to save the common folk as much as he was fighting Zod. Those are huge problems everyone has with the film.

But why do I dislike the character? I think I do that because I have extremely high expectations of him. This was one of the first comic book characters I read – and therefore loved. But I don’t think writers – whether in comics or otherwise – have been that kind to him. Recently they talked about adding a new power to his repertoire – yes, I’m serious. The one guy everyone always complains has too many powers… Well let’s give him another one… I also think that maybe I’m tired of him as a character. He’s the same as he’s always been. Too powerful, weird weakness – not that interesting in the grand scheme of things.

This should leave you puzzled. “But Jeffrey, you were going to talk about why DC matters to you!?” – and I am about to. Because the only way that Kal-El works as a full-fledged superhero, is when one of the smartest heroes on the planet has a way to defeat you. The big reason why DC, and Warner Bros., have found it hard to get people to care about him – is because they haven’t seen how Batman can take him down, if he wants to.

In many ways, Batman is the crown jewel of DC. Without Batman, I don’t think Kal-El works. But when they’re together all bets are off. Batman and Superman are DC’s Iron Man and Captain America. The goody-two-shoes superhero, Cap and Kal-El, and the intelligent, wealthy, and very human Bruce Wayne/ Tony Stark. Much like how I prefer Tony Stark in Marvel, I prefer Bruce Wayne in DC.

The Bat-family is one of my favorite groups to read about in comics. Dick Grayson’s Nightwing is a personal favorite, but Batgirl, Damian Wayne – you name it – the Bat-family is insanely good. And I haven’t even mentioned their villains yet. Because they have the top-two villains in comics. The Joker and the Riddler (oh and I like Scarecrow as well, but he’s not in the top-two).

One of the things I constantly praise Marvel for, is that they have more great characters than any other comic book company – and I stand by that. But the DC superhero team-up, Justice League, has the greatest female comic book character of all-time – Wonder Woman. This is where DC beats Marvel up. They cannot compete with Wonder Woman with another huge female superhero.

Green Arrow is a great character – and The Flash, though at times overpowered, can be extremely entertaining. Also, Green Lantern is awesome. Not the film, but the character – and his universe is insane.

Finally, I’d like to add that there’s no comic book I’m enjoying more than the Scott Snyder-run on Batman. It’s the most entertained I’ve been reading a comic book since… Well, maybe ever. So all of this is why DC matters to me.

But what do you think? Do you like DC? Do you have a topic you’d like to see covered in Detective Comics Saturday? Do you want more DC content like this? Sound off in the comments.

I’m Jeffrey Rex

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