2nd I’m Jeffrey Rex Awards – 2014

Second Annual…

Last year, I introduced 17 categories – one of which has been discontinued, or at least not considered for the nomination process, this year (PlayStation Vita Game of the Year). This year, I’ll present the following list of categories, which does include new categories:

  1. Biggest Entertainment Disappointment of the Year
  2. PlayStation 3 Game of the Year
  3. PlayStation 4 Game of the Year
  4. PC/Mac Game of the Year
  5. Nintendo Game of the Year
  6. Best Performance by a Voice Actor in a Gaming Experience
  7. Overall Game of the Year
  8. Superhero Film of the Year
  9. Best Performance by an Actor in a Superhero Film
  10. Best Performance by an Actress in a Superhero Film
  11. Superhero of the Year
  12. Superheroine of the Year
  13. Movie of the Year
  14. Best Performance by an Actor in a Cinematic Experience
  15. Best Performance by an Actress in a Cinematic Experience
  16. Best Performance in Directing a Cinematic Experience
  17. Best Performance in Writing a Cinematic Experience
  18. Television Show of the Year
  19. Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Show
  20. Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Show
  21. Song of the Year
  22. Chelsea FC Player of the Year
  23. Chicago Bears Player of the Year
  24. FC Copenhagen Player of the Year
  25. Overall Performance of the Year

A total number of 25 categories. 25 winners to be announced today. Please be aware that cinematic and gaming release dates are based on the Danish theaters, so, films from 2014 that premiere in 2015 (in Denmark), won’t be considered for the I’m Jeffrey Rex Awards-announcement. First, let’s dive into some gaming-related awards…

Biggest Entertainment Disappointment of the Year

  • DRIVECLUB, Developed by Evolution Studios, Published by Sony Computer Entertainment.

Now, this game was weird from the get-go. With Sony already owning the Gran Turismo-franchise, they went and ordered a ‘competing’ racing game, set to be released… A year ago. That’s right, DRIVECLUB was supposed to be a PS4 launch game, but it was delayed-to-death, until it was brought to life this fall only to disappoint. PlayStation had promised PS+ owners a free demo-version of the game. It has yet to materialize. Also, the game in itself is broken. A huge failure, a huge disappointment – bad decision Sony.

PlayStation 3 Game of the Year

  • South Park: The Stick of Truth, Developed by Obsidian Entertainment, Published by Ubisoft.

My expectations for this game were initially very low, rarely do we come across good versions of these types of games. Games that are often just thrown out to make money, with no intention of making anything worthwhile. This game, though, is perfect. It is exactly like watching an entire season of the show, in one or two sittings. It is absolutely hilarious, and the only fault I could find with it is the fact that its classes aren’t that different for an RPG. This is a must-play, however.

PlayStation 4 Game of the Year

  • Far Cry 4, Developed by Ubisoft Montreal, Published by Ubisoft.

I’ll be the first one to say it, this year didn’t have that one game that completely blew you away. Sure, the nemesis-system in Shadow of Mordor was good – but I don’t think the game deserves the recognition, as I found the entire game to be underwhelming. As for exclusives, InFAMOUS was really fun at times – but it also leaned on a lot of serious tones, with some plotpoints feeling too serious. I mean, I loved InFAMOUS Second Son – BUT, it is not game of the year material. It had some glaring errors, like having an almost unconscious surrounding public. The people of Seattle didn’t feel real – or at least, they didn’t react like real people. Where Second Son deviated somewhat, the newest installment in the Far Cry-series, Far Cry 4, did not. Far Cry 4 did everything it needed to do, and it even gave us a very satisfying multiplayer-variety. Far Cry 3 overwhelmed me with joy, and Far Cry 4 solidified the franchise’s place in my heart.

PC/MAC Game of the Year

  • Shovel Knight, Developed and Published by Yacht Club Games.

This game caught me by surprise, much like RESOGUN did last year. A retro game for sure, and one that makes me very nostalgic. I played this game on the PC, and I’ve decided to leave this out of the Nintendo section – simply due to the many exclusive games. This game was created through Kickstarter, and it is absolutely great. Nostalgic, retro – and lovely. This game is a must play for gamers – and definitely one very young gamers have to know. A reminder that the best games aren’t necessarily always fresh and new.

Nintendo Game of the Year

  • Mario Kart 8, Developed by Nintendo EAD Group No. 1, Published by Nintendo.

Here I must admit I am biased. Whereas a bunch of people are extremely nostalgic about Smash Bros., I’ve always been that way about Mario Kart. I honestly feel this is as close to perfect as we can come, without adding the number of characters to the game that Smash has this year. I love this game, and it is probably the game I’ve played the most in multiplayer. Absolutely loved this.

Best Performance by a Voice Actor in a Gaming Experience

  • Melissa Hutchison, Clementine in Telltale’s The Walking Dead: Season Two.

This is the first time I’m recognizing this type of talent in the award section of my blog, and I decided to give it to the best voice actor in gaming in 2014. Hutchison was great as Clementine, and even though I don’t think you’re as emotionally invested without Dave Fennoy as Lee – the journey of Clementine was extremely entertaining. Melissa Hutchison gets the first ‘award’ of this kind. A perfect performance by Melissa Hutchison – I cannot wait to see what she does next. Special Mention: Troy Baker is the reason why this award is in place this year, and had I retroactively given the award – he would’ve easily won in 2013 for his portrayal of Joel in The Last of Us.

Overall Game of the Year

  • Shovel Knight, Developed and Published by Yacht Club Games.

I’m going to try my best not to bore you by once again praising this game. I will say this – I love the fact that we can still be surprised by retro games in an age where a lot of people feel that games should be realistic. This isn’t a realistic game by any means, but it is a game with great mechanics, great dialogue, great homages, and great fun. A new classic.

On to the Superhero-section…

Superhero Film of the Year

  • Guardians of the Galaxy, Directed by James Gunn, Produced by Marvel Studios.

Sometimes a movie comes along that alters the way you perceive a genre. Never had I thought a Superhero film like this would challenge classics for a spot on my list of favorite films of all time. This one did. Complete with the best soundtrack ever, a loveable gang of misfits – including a charming lead, and a loveable tree – this film is everything you want from an instant classic. Yes, that’s how I label it. It’s also instantly quotable – thanks to some pop-culture nods, and 1980s-references – and yes, Gamora, you’re just like Kevin Bacon.

Best Performance by an Actor in a Superhero Film

  • Dave Bautista as Drax the Destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy.

This Conan-like character was not one I expected to be lovable, man I was surprised. Not only that, but, Dave Bautista completely shocked me with this performance. He is perfect as Drax. From what I’m hearing his character has become a fan-favorite, and that’s thanks to a great performance – deadpan humor, and one of the greatest Space Epic since Star Wars Episode IV. Bautista, I hope this is only the beginning for you.

Best Performance by an Actress in a Superhero Film

  • Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Earlier this year I wrote that Gamora was one of the best female characters for Marvel (Studios), and she has been this year as well. However, Gwen Stacy is not owned by Marvel Studios (sadly) – and Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy has been the best thing in the Marc Webb-era of Spider-Man films. I tend to feel pretty bad about the Webb-era films, but you cannot deny the chemistry between Stone and Garfield – and that is something I’ll miss if Sony gives Spider-Man back to Marvel.

Superhero of the Year

  • Steve Rogers (Captain America) – by Marvel Comics.

This award can be given for either the movies, tv shows or the comics – and this year’s award focuses on Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and the general buzz about Steve Rogers lately. After a great spy-epic adventure, Captain America: Civil War was announced, and I’m giddy just thinking about that film.

Superheroine of the Year

  • Kamala Khan (Ms Marvel) – by Marvel Comics.

Marvel’s first Muslim character to headline her own comic book. I’m so happy about this new character, she represents a new direction for comics – and I love the way people are talking about her. Some have even started calling her this generation’s Peter Parker (Yes, that’s a compliment).

On to the general Movie-section…

Movie of the Year

  • Boyhood, Directed by Richard Linklater, Distributed by IFC Films.

Boyhood is the best coming-of-age-film I’ve ever seen. It feels so personal, yet so generic – yet so touching. The movie doesn’t rest by its plot points, and tries to be like life – free flowing, fast, and fresh. This film is supported by great actors, a great script and an even greater director. Definitely the best film of the year, nothing like it.

Best Performance by an Actor in a Cinematic Experience

  • Jake Gyllenhaal as Louis Bloom in Nightcrawler.

Gyllenhaal is completely believable as this very odd, yet devoted photographer, Louis Bloom. For me this is Gyllenhaal’s best performance, he gets every little flinch right – and it just feels real. It feels believable. He is the star of the film, but it doesn’t feel like superstar Jake Gyllenhaal, when you watch the film he is Louis Bloom. And that’s how you get awards.

Best Performance by an Actress in a Cinematic Experience

  • Patricia Arquette as Olivia Evans in Boyhood.

This is the most shocking female portrayal of the year for me. I didn’t think the mother in Boyhood would be so good, but honestly – she’s probably the best part of the film. Meaning, she really is spot-on in her performance as a mother. I kid you not, Olivia’s final scene brought me to tears. Amazing performance.

Best Performance in Directing a Cinematic Experience (Beware of video-spoilers)

  • Richard Linklater for Directing Boyhood.

12 Years in the making… That’s pretty much all you need to hear. Linklater kept these actors (even the young ones) together for 12 years. That entire project seems mindblowing to me, and he deserves all the praise you can give. Definitely his best film ever. One of the most impressive directing performances ever.

Best Performance in Writing a Cinematic Experience

  • Gillian Flynn for Writing (and adapting her own book) Gone Girl.

Every twist and turn in this film is so unexpected, and it’s a testament to the adaptation of the book of the same name. Thankfully, Gillian Flynn got to adap her own book – and that’s really perfect. I wanted to emphasize that this is one of the best films of 2014, for it really is.

On to the TV-section…

Television Show of the Year

  • True Detective (HBO) [Season One], Created by Nic Pizzolatto.

2014 was a very good year for Matthew McConaughey, and True Detective was his second best acting performance ever (bested by Dallas Buyers Club). Woody Harrelson is also shockingly good in this show, and while it is character-driven – the themes in this show, they’re…. Magnificent. The show follows these two detectives at two different times in their lives, it is beautifully written and equally scary. Lovely television show.

Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Show

  • Matthew McConaughey as Detective Rustin Spencer Cohle in True Detective Season One.

I already praised McConaughey, but let’s just reiterate that his nihilistic views are so captivating, they’re chilling. Amazing performance.

Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Show

  • Robin Wright as Claire Underwood in House of Cards Season Two.

Second year in a row for Robin Wright as a winner of this award. This year she got even better, just like her storyline became more interesting. There’s a certain interview in season two that is absolutely captivating, and memorable. We’ll have to see if we can give it to her for the third year in a row next year – It’s not unlikely.

The sole musical award…

Song of the Year

  • True Love” by Coldplay.

A beautiful song about a relationship falling apart, and wanting to stay loved. This song just feels like a real show of emotion from the lead singer, who, recently, ended things with his wife, Gwyneth Paltrow.

On to the Sports-section…

Chelsea F.C. Player of the Year

  • Nemanja Matic, Defensive Midfielder.

Nemanja Matic returned to Chelsea not long ago, but since returning he’s been the star of Chelsea defensively. He’s a great passer, and feels rather calm when in possession. A huge talent that has returned, and I cannot wait to see what he ends up becoming.

Chicago Bears Player of the Year

  • Willie Young, Defensive End.

This has been a bad year for Chicago… But one of the bright spots have been Willie Young, he’s been our best defensive player and I don’t think anyone has been as impressive this year. Had he not played for Chicago, then our punter would be our most impressive player this year…

F.C. Copenhagen Player of the Year

  • Thomas Delaney, Midfielder.

Second year in a row for Delaney who, this year, became first vice-captain and later the real captain of his childhood team F.C. Copenhagen. A leader, a young star – with a lot of potential.

Final Award – focusing on the best thing in 2014. Not necessarily the best game, movie or television show – but, the one thing you have to have witnessed from 2014. The Overall Performance of the year.

Overall Performance of the Year

  • Creation of Boyhood, Directed by Richard Linklater.

I’ve praised this film a lot, and that’s partly due to its quality – but mainly it’s due to the fact that this movie is an experience. I recommend this movie to everyone, for it is perfect in everything it tries to do. Not to say it’s a perfect film, but it is a perfect experience. I won’t praise this movie anymore, but I will say one thing again… It took 12 years to Film this Cinematic Experience. Amazing.

Do note: This year’s film nominees only feature 2014 films that have been released in Denmark in 2014, and therefore films like the following 2014 films (which release in 2015 in Denmark) will not be considered eligible for these awards this year or any year:

  • Damien Chazelle’s Whiplash.
  • A.G. Inarritu’s Birdman.
  • James Marsh’s The Theory of Everything.
  • Ava DuVernay’s Selma.

– I’m Jeffrey Rex.

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