CLASSIC REVIEW: Lawrence of Arabia (1962)

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The following is a classic review of Lawrence of Arabia (1962), a David Lean film.

There are some classic films that you just have to have seen at some point if you consider yourself a cinephile. Gone with the WindCitizen Kane, The Godfather, Jaws, Taxi Driver, Star Wars, and so on, and so forth. Lawrence of Arabia is another one of these special films that you just have to sit down and watch. It is a film you need an opinion on. Lawrence of Arabia is very long, and I doubt that you can find a lot of young people today that are willing to sit down for close to four hours to watch a film from 1962. But outside of the film perhaps being a bit too long, I am of the opinion that Lawrence of Arabia definitely is a masterpiece. Continue reading “CLASSIC REVIEW: Lawrence of Arabia (1962)”

CLASSIC REVIEW: Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope (1977)


You’ve heard of Star Wars, right? Good. Now, while Star Wars today is this gigantic franchise with its own convention, a library-size canon, and a toy line-up unlike any other, it all started with George Lucas writing and pitching Star Wars to United Artist and Universal Pictures with them both declining to produce, distribute, and make the film with Lucas.

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