REVIEW: Sherlock: The Great Game

Sherlock - Reviewed

The following is an episode review of Sherlock: Series 1, Episode 3 – The Great Game

When a season of Sherlock ends, you don’t necessarily know how long you’ll have to wait for the next one. After this episode viewers had to wait for more than a year to see what happened next. Would it all be worth it? The Great Game is the culmination of everything in series 1. Who is the mystery man behind everything? This episode revealed it all, and it is one of the best Sherlock episodes to date. Continue reading “REVIEW: Sherlock: The Great Game”

REVIEW: Sherlock: The Blind Banker

Sherlock - Reviewed

The following is an episode review of Sherlock: Series 1, Episode 2 – The Blind Banker

In The Blind Baker Watson (Freeman) and Holmes (Cumberbatch) are to discover what links the disappearance of Soo Lin Yao (Gemma Chan) to some rather indistinguishable ciphers, and a murdered victim being found inside a locked apartment made to look like a suicide. The game is afoot! But the episode, sadly, isn’t very good. Continue reading “REVIEW: Sherlock: The Blind Banker”

REVIEW: Sherlock: A Study In Pink

Sherlock - Reviewed

The following is an episode review of Sherlock: Series 1, Episode 1 – A Study in Pink

Recently, I decided to review every single episode of BBC’s Sherlock, one of my favorite shows still on the air. It all began with A Study in Pink, which I feared wouldn’t hold up as well as I remembered it. But, actually, the snappy dialogue kept me intrigued and pleased throughout the episode, in spite of the less-than-stellar whodunnit-revelation. Continue reading “REVIEW: Sherlock: A Study In Pink”

Marvelous Monday #37 – Pre-Phase Three Watchlist

Da Marvelous Monday

The first two phases of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe have ended, and the third phase is looking to be the largest and most expensive yet. Still, there are a ton of films coming up in the third phase that we need to prepare for. Today I’ve assembled a watchlist for people interested in the new actors, directors, and writers for two of Marvel’s third phase films. Continue reading “Marvelous Monday #37 – Pre-Phase Three Watchlist”

REVIEW: House of Cards – “Chapter 29”

I'm Jeffrey Rex Episode Review - Netflix - House of Cards 29The following is a review of the third episode of season three. Expect spoilers in the plot description.

Happy Bingewatching! Welcome to the third episode review of the third season of everyone’s favorite political binge-drama. In this episode we are finally introduced to the Russian President. So without further ado, let’s get to the plot description:

The episode opens with a demonstration – people are angry at Viktor Petrov for his actions and opinions that, quite frankly, resemble some of the criticisms of the real Russian President. Just before Petrov arrives, Bob Birch has some questions for Frank – but Bob leaves rather swiftly – prompting Frank to say: “What is the face of a coward? The back of his face as he runs from the battle.” Enter President Viktor Petrov. That is Lars Mikkelsen, brother of Mads Mikkelsen – Danish actor known internationally for being an antagonist on Sherlock. Petrov’s first action? Saying no to Frank Underwood. This won’t end well.  Continue reading “REVIEW: House of Cards – “Chapter 29””

Sherlock Villain To Star in House of Cards Season 3

Yesterday, the 11th of January 2015, Netflix released the trailer for season 3 of its hit-show House of Cards starring Kevin Spacey & Robin Wright. Beware of slight spoilers in the trailer, and in this post.

During the trailer you see someone resembling, in my opinion, Russian President Vladimir Putin – my initial thought was that it was Lars Mikkelsen, brother of Mads Mikkelsen (known as Le Chiffre in Casino Royal, and as Hannibal Lector in the NBC-show Hannibal). Lars Mikkelsen has starred in many Danish shows and films, and got his ‘big breakthrough’ in 2013’s Sherlock Series 3 as the antagonist, Charles Augustus Magnussen.

Today, Lars Mikkelsen confirms that he stars in the show – and that he will star in a number of episodes. Mikkelsen is humble, and appreciative about this role. He shared this information with Danish network DR (Short for Danmarks Radio).

Though I initially thought he looked like Vladimir Putin, I doubt they’ll dare cast him specifically as the Russian President by name. I speculate that they’ll simply make him the fictitous leader of Russia.

In the trailer you see him sitting next to Spacey’s character, supposedly rejecting a handshake (0:15) – standing in front of the seated Spacey, with the Russian flag in the background (0:18) – kissing Robin Wright’s character (0:21) – and at, supposedly, a press conference with his back towards the camera (0:30).

For more on House of Cards, Netflix, and casting news – stay tuned.

– I’m Jeffrey Rex