REVIEW: MEN (2022)

Jessie Buckley’s traumatized character Harper takes a bite out of the ‘forbidden fruit’ shortly after arriving at the house that she has rented for her village holiday. — Photo: A24.

Directed by Alex Garland — Screenplay by Alex Garland.

Alex Garland’s folk horror film MEN follows the widowed Harper Marlowe (played by Jessie Buckley), who, after having recently lost her husband to what may or may not have been a death by suicide, has decided to go on holiday in a small village in Britain because she needs to unwind and heal. However, she continues to be haunted by her trauma when she arrives in the village. Although she doesn’t point it out, each and every man she meets has the same face as Geoffrey (played by Rory Kinnear), the owner of the house she has rented, including a mysterious naked man who starts stalking her, as well as the local vicar who, after hearing about Harper’s trauma, suggests that she is to blame for what happened to her husband.

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REVIEW: Rebirth (2016)

Poster – Netflix

The following is a quick review of Rebirth. Available on Netflix right now.

Rebirth is a new film distributed by Netflix. The film follows Kyle (played by Fran Kranz), a social media-manager for a bank, who one day, out of the blue, is contacted by an old friend (played by Adam Goldberg). This old friend introduces him to ‘rebirth,’ a life-changing experience that he wants Kyle to go through. Ultimately, Kyle decides to attend the weekend event, but he soon finds out that ‘rebirth’ isn’t as safe as he thought it would be.  Continue reading “REVIEW: Rebirth (2016)”