Top Ten Films of 2016


It’s time for me to finally let go of 2016 by officially announcing my top ten films of 2016. I’ve said this multiple times at the beginning of 2017, but I just don’t think 2016 deserves to be known as a bad year for movies. I think it was a bad year for blockbuster films, but at the end of the year there were so many great films to watch. (more…)


IJR Awards 2016: Nominations Announced, Part Two of Two


It’s time for the second – and final – half of the nominations for the 2016 IJR Awards. This time it’s all about movies and documentaries. I’ll announce the winners of all categories on February 20th, before announcing my top ten films of 2016 on February 22nd. (more…)

REVIEW: 13th (2016 – Documentary)

Release Poster - Netflix

Release Poster – Netflix

The following is a quick review of Ava DuVernay’s documentary 13th – a Netflix Original Documentary.

Previously, I have written about documentaries on this blog, and if you look at the scores that I’ve given films, you will notice that I’ve given scores to some documentaries. But I rarely review documentaries on this blog, even if I love certain documentaries like Alex Gibney’s Going Clear or Laura Poitras’s Citizenfour. Today, though, I’ve decided to review one, and it’s extraordinary. You have to watch Ava DuVernay’s 13th. (more…)