Overview: August 2020

Overview provides my readers with a brief overview of the articles or reviews that I have written, as well as additional bite-sized thoughts on films or shows about which I do not intend to write thorough reviews. In August 2020, among other things, I wrote about the latest Pixar film, Christopher Nolan’s latest major motion picture, and an incredible Apple TV+ documentary.

Published Reviews and Articles

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What I Didn’t Write About

I watch a lot of films and shows each and every month, but I don’t write extensive, complete reviews about everything that I watch or rewatch. So, in this section of Overview, I will write a few brief additional thoughts on content about which I don’t intend to write full reviews now or in the future. However, I may have watched something this month that I do want to review in the future, in which case I will not make note of it here.

Ted Lasso, Series, 2020, Apple TV+:

– This sports comedy series is based on the series of NBC Sports commercials about an American football coach (played by Jason Sudeikis) who is hired to coach a football (the European-kind) team in England. The Apple TV+ series still stars Jason Sudeikis and, at the time of writing, only five episodes have been released. But I have to say that I am loving it thus far. While I loved the NBC Sports commercials, the trailer for the series had me worried. But the show, with Jason Sudeikis in the titular role, is a delightful workplace comedy series. It’s probably destined to be nothing more than a hidden gem on Apple TV+, but the show deserves a larger audience.

But that’s not all I watched this month. For a complete list of my Letterboxd diary for August 2020, click here.

– Jeffrey Rex Bertelsen.

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