REVIEW: Game Over, Man! (2018)

Release Poster – Netflix

The following is a review of Game Over, Man! — A Netflix Film.

Game Over, Man! is an action-comedy very clearly inspired by Die Hard, even though the title of this film, for some odd reason, refers to a popular Bill Paxton quote from Aliens. This film, however, follows three housekeepers working at a hotel capable of attracting wealthy individuals and celebrities for late night partying.

The three housekeepers — Joel (played by Blake Anderson), Darren (played by Anders Holm), and Alexxx (played by Adam Devine) — are good friends who desperately hope to come up with this new idea for them to pitch in Shark Tank-like fashion so that they can have the glamorous life they want.

And it looks like they may have found their lucky night. While waitering at a hotel rooftop party, they make it so that they get close to a wealthy celebrity known as ‘Bey’ (played by Utkarsh Ambudkar), and then they pitch their newest (and least indecent) idea — the Skintendo, a full bodysuit for a blaxploitation video game that they have come up with.

Just when Bey is ready to give them a check for $200,000, their boss throws them out of the party and fires them. Not willing to take no for an answer, the boys decide to fight their way through a hostage situation to get back their check so that they can follow their dreams.

I found Game Over, Man! to be painfully unfunny. So unfunny, in fact, that I would probably say that this film — as an action-comedy — doesn’t hold a candle to the first Paul Blart: Mall Cop film, which isn’t much to write home about, to be honest with you. I laughed maybe once or twice here, and, in both of those cases, it was odd celebrity cameos that made me smile or chuckle. Steve-O thinking the hostage situation was a prank orchestrated by Johnny Knoxville really worked for me, for some reason.

Outside of the joy of seeing select celebrities in unlikely situations, there really isn’t much else here. There are some scenes where Adam Devine takes some brave risks to get a laugh out of you through physical comedy, but if that doesn’t work for you, then the only thing Devine comes up with here is saying popular phrases in his best impression of a typical bro.

And these characters really are not fun to root for. They are selfish, crude, and obnoxious — and their immature jokes kill all of the momentum that the film ever has. These are tired and, occasionally, offensive jokes, and unless you are excited about seeing physical gross-out comedy like cut-off genitalia, torture by way of forced anilingus, and used condom jokes, then this film really isn’t for you.

Game Over, Man! tries to set itself up for a sequel at the very end, which the film alarmingly claims is said to be coming soon. Unless you’re a big fan of the lead actors’ previous work, then you should probably skip this mostly unfunny gross-out comedy version of Die Hard.

3.5 out of 10

– Jeffrey Rex Bertelsen

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