Don’t Miss These Films: 2017 Edition – Special Features #11

So, I’ve written a lot of movie reviews so far this year. But there are a lot of films that I’ve seen this year that I never got around to reviewing for one reason or another. Today I want to highlight five films that I wish I had had time to write about.

I highly recommend all of these films, and had I had more time on my hands they would’ve been reviewed. Heck, maybe I’ll give some of these full written reviews in the future. Who knows?

HBO Documentary Film

Although I did learn a thing or two about Steven Spielberg that I didn’t know beforehand, I will admit that this is mostly a fan-service documentary. It is very interesting, and I loved watching it. I thought it was great. However, it isn’t a memorable documentary, but it is rewatchable in spite of its length.

Available on Netflix

This isn’t the Stephen King adaptation that everyone is talking about, but maybe it should be. Gerald’s Game might be my favorite horror movie of the year. Is the ending a let down? Definitely, but I think the film as a whole is scary and entertaining enough to overcome the ending.

Underseen British Drama

Lady Macbeth doesn’t have jaw-droppingly unique plot or a unique twist on a well-known genre. But I think you should check it out, because Florence Pugh is fantastic in it.

Anne Hathaway as a Kaiju

Colossal is probably the most unique film of the year. I’ve never seen anything like it, and there is an intentional tonal and thematic shift in the middle of the film that is genuinely surprising. It is a great little film.

Not your daddy’s cannibal movie

Okay, look. I know that some of you out there may not like watching films with subtitles on, but some of the best films of all-time weren’t made in the English language. You owe it to yourself to check out films that weren’t made specifically for you or in your language. You may be surprised to see what is out there. Raw is one of those surprising films. It isn’t a perfect film, but it is a disturbing and entertaining cannibal movie.

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– Jeffrey Rex Bertelsen

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