TRAILER RECAP: Logan – Official Trailer

The 20th Century Fox marketing team behind their superhero films is pretty damn great. They’ve been teasing us with a poster and a few images of the newest Wolverine film from James Mangold for a little while now, but today Fox has released the first trailer for Logan. Let’s talk about it.

Director James Mangold, who also directed 2013’s The Wolverine, also made the Johnny Cash biopic – Walk the Line – back in 2005, so it’s fitting that for this trailer the marketing team chose to use Cash’s haunting Hurt in the trailer. It sets the tone for the trailer, and it couldn’t be more accurate. Logan is hurting badly. Let’s look at the dialogue.

XAVIER (Patrick Stewart): Logan (I’m actually not sure if Charles is the one saying his name or not). What did you do?

LOGAN (Hugh Jackman): Charles, the world is not the same as it was. Mutants – they’re gone now.

LOGAN (Hugh Jackman): Who is she?

XAVIER (Patrick Stewart): She’s like you. Very much like you. She needs our help.

LOGAN (Hugh Jackman): Someone will come along.

XAVIER (Patrick Stewart): Someone has come along.

XAVIER (Patrick Stewart): Logan. You still have time.

I really, really like the trailer. It looks so different from what we’re used to seeing in superhero films, and that’s a really good thing. This is the final solo film about Logan this time around, and even though the first film in that corner of the X-Men universe (X-Men Origins: Wolverine) was bad, it looks like the series will end on a high note based on the trailer for Logan.


How sad is this? Logan is drinking his sorrows away in a cemetery. All his friends are dead – except for Charles Xavier – and he feels used up. Tired.


Logan has grown weary of all the fighting… It’s sad, really.


Charles in a hospital bed… Charles is the soul of the franchise. I never wanted to see him in this position.


Logan say hi to Laura. X-23. (I’m not sure if they’ve actually confirmed that this is Laura/X-23. But that’s who I’m guessing she is.)


Stephen Merchant as Caliban.


Boyd Holbrook as Donald Pierce.


Pierce and the rest of the Reavers seem to have found Xavier.


Logan smiling. Two faces of the franchise are saying their goodbyes, and – in the middle – we have a new face to take over.


I’m guessing this is during the final fight. It’s going to be so sad to not have Jackman as Wolverine anymore.


An injured and weary Logan standing with Laura next to him. She’s wearing sunglasses probably because she either has been crying or because she’s got a black eye. I don’t know. Pick your poison. Why does it feel like Logan has buried an old friend. I don’t want Charles to die (again). This movie is going to break my heart, isn’t it?

– Jeffrey Rex

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