REVIEW: The Angry Birds Movie (2016)

Release Poster - Columbia Pictures
Release Poster – Columbia Pictures

The following is a quick review of Columbia Pictures’ The Angry Birds Movie.

In The Angry Birds Movie, Red (voiced by Jason Sudeikis) – a red angry bird – is sentenced to anger management after his temper ruins a birthday party. At anger management class, Red meets Chuck (voiced by Josh Gad) – a yellow fast angry bird – and Bomb (voiced by Danny McBride) – a black angry bird that can blow itself up.

When a group of pigs suddenly arrive on Bird Island, Red, Chuck, and Bomb board the pig ship only to discover that the pigs plan to colonize the island. Now, their anger is all that can save the inhabitants of Bird Island from the deceitful newcomers.

Video game movies don’t get a lot of credit, and, most of the time so far, it is fair not to recognize them. I’m going to start this review positively, though. Because while The Angry Birds Movie isn’t the first good video game movie, it is, actually, a fine animated kids movie.

It’s no Disney or Pixar film. It doesn’t have these fantastic emotional moments, and it doesn’t come close to the level of the films that, particularly, Pixar normally put out. But I really like the colorful animation in this film. It, obviously, doesn’t look real. But it looks very, very good.

I didn’t dislike this film at all. I really like Jason Sudeikis as Red, and I enjoyed Chuck’s little Quicksilver-like scene in the third act. I liked Terence (voiced by Sean Penn), and I liked Judge Peckinpah (voiced by Keegan-Michael Key). But this isn’t a good animated movie for all ages.

The humor isn’t very good, there isn’t a lot of plot here, and the lesson of the film is just really bad for kids to learn. Basically, this film teaches you to mistrust outsiders, which is just a really bad thing to make an animated kids movie about.

But The Angry Birds Movie probably won’t offend anyone going to see it. There are worse animated films to sit through, and even if the story doesn’t grab you, then you still have the pretty animation. This film will probably get a sequel, and that’s not really a bad thing. At the time of writing, this is probably still one of the best films based on a video game.

5.9 out of 10

– Jeffrey Rex

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