REVIEW: Preacher – Season One (2016)

Preacher Review Outline

The following is a quick review of the first season of Preacher. There are spoilers here.

Preacher takes place in a small town in Texas, where Jesse Custer has returned to be the preacher of his father’s church. Out of the blue, one day, a powerful entity shoots itself into Jesse Custer and gives him the power to force the listener to do exactly what he says. Custer quickly chooses to use his newfound power for his job, but people are coming to stop him from using the power. What is ‘Genesis’?

Preacher is crazy. It is violent, funny, and, at times, tough to follow due to the show not properly explaining what some flashbacks mean. But there are some really fun scenes that even if the pacing of the season doesn’t work for you, then those specific scenes act as shots of adrenaline that get you fired up about the main characters.

Joseph Gilgun is wonderful to watch as Cassidy, and may even be the guy you sympathize the most with, even though he’s a vampire and the main protagonist of the show is a preacher. Dominic Cooper does a fine job as Jesse Custer, but he is also outshone by the third main character – Ruth Negga as Tulip.

Now, I loved a good chunk of this season, but I, ultimately, had to give the season a lower score than I ever thought I would. Not only were some of the character decisions late in the first season questionable at best, but at the very end of the first season they pretty much make the entire first season unimportant.

The time that you spent with the people of Annville was a complete waste of time. Apparently, the entire town blew up. And we are left with our three protagonists and an imagined version of Eugene. Even if the second season opens by revealing that Annville didn’t blow up, you don’t trust the writers of the show right now.

They basically wasted our time. I’ll stick with the show for the second season, because I like the main characters. But if I were more pessimistic, I might say that you only need to watch the pilot and the season finale, anything else would be a waste of time. And I can’t give it a higher score, if I think you may end up really upset about the way the season ends. A deflating end to a crazy first season.


– Jeffrey Rex

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