REVIEW: Preacher – “Sundowner”

Preacher Review Outline

The following is a review of the sixth episode of ‘Preacher’, available on AMC in the United States and on Viaplay in Denmark. Expect spoilers for the episode.

In the sixth episode of the first season of Preacher (“Sundowner”), Tulip (played by Ruth Negga) has a conversation with Emily (played by Lucy Griffiths), Eugene (played by Ian Colleti) makes some friends, and our good preacher, Jesse (played by Dominic Cooper), is accused of ‘cheating’.

“Genesis? What, like the bloody band? Terrible name.” – Cassidy.

Finally. In my review for the last episode, I said something needed to happen as soon as possible. I was getting tired of the show just teasing what our Cowboy-Angels were. Finally, we got ourselves some answers in Sundowner. The power of Genesis, the result of an Angel and a Demon falling in love, is inside Jesse. It isn’t God. It is powerful. And DeBlanc and Fiore, our Cowboy-Angels, have gone down to Earth without permission.

I loved Anatol Yusef’s delivery when his character, DeBlanc, explained what kind of ‘baby’ this is. DeBlanc is the more ‘calm’ Angel-custodian, but both he and Fiore are good fun in this episode. It never felt like they were the ‘big-guns’ from Heaven, but this episode really managed to make them look weak, or, at the very least, not that formidable.

And then we meet a Seraphim – an Angel of the First Order. Honestly, I thought she might’ve been a demon, so the ‘reveal’ worked for me a little bit. The episode is, obviously, named after the motel that DeBlanc, Fiore, Jesse, and Cassidy fight the Seraphim in, and what a fight it is. It’s probably the best fight the show has had since the one on the airplane with Cassidy in the first episode.

It was probably the greatest episode teaser/opener yet, and a nice change of pace after last week’s episode opener, which was just really confusing to people like me who haven’t read the comics. Speaking of people who aren’t that familiar with the comic books, I get the feeling, from online discussions, that Sundowner worked better for people unfamiliar with the comic books.

“Stay away from my boyfriend!” – Tulip.

Tulip hasn’t gotten a lot of great things to do this season, at least not compared to both Jesse and Cassidy. This episode, however, I really liked what she got to do. I’m sure some people thought her conversation with Emily was boring, but I actually really liked seeing them work together for once.

Throughout the episode, we also see Eugene making new friends. Every time we switched over to Eugene in school, I kept waiting for something bad to happen. But Eugene is being forgiven, and people are nice to him for once. But Eugene, as we see later in the church, isn’t happy with Jesse’s power of persuasion.

Jesse was getting upset with Eugene, and you see why. Jesse has a clear goal in mind, and people are starting to question him. Even the mayor’s questions upset Jesse. Jesse Custer is having a crisis of conscience here. If it isn’t God who’s talking, is he just doing what he, himself, wants? Is he sinning? And then, he snaps.

“GO TO HELL, EUGENE!” – Jesse Custer.

This was the very best episode of Preacher yet, with, arguably, the craziest fight on television this year, and one of the most shocking twists I’ve seen in a long time. Is Eugene really gone for good, or did he disappear to a place he thinks of as Hell? We’ll have to wait and see. I hope Eugene comes back, though.


– I’m Jeffrey Rex

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