REVIEW: Agent Carter – “A View in the Dark”

Agent Carter - Reviewed

The following is an episode review of Marvel’s Agent Carter (Season Two, Episode Two) available on ABC and Netflix Denmark.

In “A View in the Dark”, S.S.R. Agent Peggy Carter (played by Hayley Atwell) teams up with a new ally to retrieve the powerful and mysterious Zero Matter from Isodyne, after having learned that perhaps Daniel Sousa’s (played by Enver Gjokaj) new relationship is more serious than she had thought. 

I definitely think that this second episode was a step up in quality after “The Lady in the Lake”, which I didn’t love outside of its humor. There’s a lot to love in this episode, and, to me, it all starts with Jarvis (played by James D’Arcy) acting the Q to Peggy Carter’s Bond in Howard Stark’s automobile. Agent Carter really is the closest thing on television to a female version of James Bond.

Speaking of that connection, I loved seeing Reggie Austin, who plays Dr Jason Wilkes, and Hayley Atwell in this episode. I, for one, enjoyed their relationship in this episode, more than I’ve enjoyed the will-they-won’t-they nature of Peggy and Daniel’s friendship. I will say, though, that I liked seeing Sousa become upset after hearing Peggy was lost.

However, while Sousa might be the one Peggy ends up with in the end, I haven’t liked how the writers have made Sousa’s new girlfriend into an obstacle, rather than an excellent addition to the show. It’s just lazy writing if it turns out that she’s a villain all of a sudden. Speaking of additions to the show, I really like Ana Jarvis (played by Lotte Verbeek), and I hope to see Verbeek and D’Arcy share more important scenes together.

This is the best episode yet in season two, and I still see a lot of potential in the show. Atwell and D’Arcy are still so entertaining to watch, so I can’t complain about their characters. I think this season is much funnier than the first one, and that’s a welcomed surprise. As for other surprises? I have no idea where this season is heading, and that is really exciting.


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