REVIEW: True Detective – “Omega Station”

True Detective Review

The following is a spoiler review of the final episode of True Detective Season Two

This is the end. We’ve reached the final episode of the second season of True Detective. Though it has not been as good as the first season, I still had high hopes for the finale. Did we end on a high note, or did this season bite off more than it could chew?

Sadly, it’s the latter. However, that is not to say that this episode did not work at all. Some things that I feared wouldn’t work did, but ultimately there were way too many plotpoints that felt underdeveloped. One must admit that this season was too convoluted, and that is what ruined this season for many of its viewers.

There were way too many times in this extra-long season finale of True Detective wherein it felt like they were trying to tie up loose ends that hadn’t been properly loose. In particular, I thought the ‘heist’ with Frank and Ray was, while somewhat exciting, ultimately more confusing than it was supposed to be.

The dialogue was a problem yet again. Pizzolatto has been criticised for not being able to write for all of his stars. Earlier this season Vince Vaughn was a problem, Kitsch and McAdams have not been perfect in delivery. Colin Farrell has been really good with the dialogue, however. Early in this episode, though, McAdams had some trouble. The ‘this empty space’-line definitely didn’t work, and only helped in taking me out of the show.

So this season wasn’t perfect. It was not as good as the first season, but we basically knew that after three episodes. As this is the last episode of the season, I won’t go over any more things that really bugged me about this show. If you want more harsh criticism of the show, you’ll have to hope for a season review or go back and read the other episode reviews. Let’s now focus on what worked.

This season finale was not a disaster, and that is mostly due to Colin Farrell. He has been the actor who elevated the show. Seeing him struggle with leaving everything behind was tragic, and he made us care from the very first episode. No matter what the results were going to say, Chad was Ray’s son. He would not let him forget it. I thought every scene wherein Ray tried to connect with Chad had some power to it in this episode.

But ultimately his son became his death. Over this season relationships have been proven to kill you, and the bond that Ray wanted to have with his son was admirable. It was really heartbreaking to see Ray get shot down, while his message for Chad was never delivered.

It was almost as heartbreaking to see Ray’s father and ex-wife break down. Ray was Chad’s father, but he never needed to know that. No matter what; Chad was his son. And as the ending showed, he would leave more than one son behind. In fact, notice how many people end up with no father. Chad, Woodrugh’s child, Antigone and Ray’s son – even Stan’s kid.

One of the best scenes this season actually featured Vince Vaughn. As Frank was bleeding out, fighting for his life, he saw his life flash by him. He saw a ton of people he recognized, and his final sight as he was dying? Jordan in the white dress. A proper fata morgana, one might call it.

To end this review, I’d like to note that I thought the season ending was really good. I don’t really want more of this story, like I wanted more of season one, but I felt somewhat comforted by the end of the season. While the bad guys won, it was a nice twist to see that Antigone was delivering her information to a reporter.


 – I’m Jeffrey Rex

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