Box Office Predictions – Weekend of August 7, 2015

Box Office 2015

The following is a new weekly post on I’m Jeffrey Rex, wherein Jeffrey predicts the coming weekend numbers at the box office for North America.

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation flew into cinemas last weekend (with Tom Cruise on the side of an airplane, no less) and it went straight to the no. 1 spot. It was a huge win for Tom Cruise and the Mission-franchise, but this will be a tough weekend to win for Cruise. Why? Well, another Marvel Comics property releases this week – the controversial Fantastic Four.


  1. Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (1st Wknd) – $55,520,089
  2. Vacation (1st Wknd) – $14,681,108
  3. Ant-Man (-48.6%) – $12,802,644
  4. Minions (-46%) – $12,387,375
  5. Pixels (-56.3%) – $10,503,023

Well, would you look at that. I’m five for five this week, I got every spot right (though that probably won’t happen this weekend). Let’s talk about each film from five to one. Pixels – yeah this was its last week of relevance. The Sandler-led film was a complete and utter failure, and this second weekend performance settles it – terrible box office loss for Sandler and Sony.

Minions and Ant-Man are pretty much neck and neck, and I think they’re both about to bow out of the top five. They might hang on this weekend, but they’ll have to fight off Ricki and the Flash & Shaun the Sheep Movie.

Vacation got pretty bad press last week, and it looks like that really hurt it in cinemas as it didn’t even reach We’re the Millers-numbers. As for Mission: Impossible? A great opening weekend, and this is a huge success for the franchise. Tom Cruise, the action star, is back!


  1. Fantastic Four (1st Wknd) – $45m
  2. Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation – $28m
  3. The Gift – $15m
  4. Minions – $8m
  5. Ant-Man – $8m

Fantastic Four should win this weekend. Mission: Impossible will only stay on top if the reviews are terrible, and that might not even be enough. Fantastic Four might not be hottest property right now, and it might not be Marvel Studios, but that Marvel Comics-logo is still on the poster, and that should steer it towards a win.

I think The Gift is going to be somewhat of a horror hit. Sure, it’s a first time feature film director (who also stars in the film) – but the premise sounds interesting, the cast is great – and, yes, it is a Blumhouse production.

This is where it gets tough. Minions and Ant-Man are battling the Meryl Streep-led Ricki and the Flash as well as the feature film version of Shaun the Sheep, but the trailers don’t look that great for the former one – and I don’t think Shaun the Sheep has a chance of besting Minions and Ant-Man

What do you predict for this weekend’s North American box office numbers? Am I way off? Sound off in the comments.

– I’m Jeffrey Rex

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