Marvelous Monday #25 – Recast The Avengers

I'm Jeffrey Rex' Marvelous Monday - Recast The Avengers

In May 2012 Marvel Studios released Marvel’s The Avengers in theaters. It would go on to become one of the best ever comic book movies. Along the way it made $1.5 billion worldwide at the box office, and would spawn numerous other cinematic universes for other comic book characters at other studios.

You could argue, however, that a comic book movie is only as good as its leading men and women. But what if Marvel Studios never cast Downey Jr., Hemsworth, Ruffalo, Johansson, Evans, and Renner? Today, on Marvelous Monday, I try to recast the heroes in The Avengers from a pre-Marvel Cinematic Universe perspective.

Hawkeye – Jensen Ackles

Hawkeye was introduced in Thor in 2011 as Agent Barton. Back then Jensen Ackles was starring (and still is) on CW’s Supernatural – a very entertaining show about urban legends, ghosts, and family.

Had he been cast as Barton that might’ve been problematic for Supernatural, but he would fit in perfectly as Hawkeye. He looks just like Renner, and he’s used to action-acting.

Black Widow – Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Natasha was introduced in 2010’s Iron Man 2, and in that same year she starred in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Prior to 2010 her main roles were Wendy in Final Destination 3, Lee in Death Proof, and Lucy McClane in Die Hard 4.

Winstead is a good actress, and since 2010 her biggest part has been the starring role in The Thing ‘reboot’.

Thor – Alexander Skarsgård

I’ve always thought that it was silly that neither Loki nor Thor were played by Scandinavians. This was a tough one for me, and it ended up being a choice of either Denmark’s Coster-Waldau or Sweden’s Skarsgård. In the end, Skarsgård would’ve been the smarter choice, due to a stronger accent and being younger.

Back in 2011, he would’ve already starred in Generation Kill, and was about to star in Von Trier’s Melancholia. Everyone, of course, knows him as Eric on True Blood.

Hulk – Cillian Murphy

Now this one is slightly controversial. Nolan’s Scarecrow for every single movie in the Dark Knight-trilogy is my choice for another Bruce Banner. Murphy is a very talented actor, very underrated – and even though he went on to star in both Batman Begins sequels, he wasn’t extremely important to the plot.

Thus he could’ve potentially starred in The Incredible Hulk in 2008, or just in The Avengers in 2012. And he could’ve been great, thankfully Ruffalo saved the part in 2012.

Captain America – Josh Hartnett

Steve Rogers was introduced in 2011, and in the casting process Josh Hartnett was starring in a number of interesting productions: 30 Days of Night, The Black Dahlia, Lucky Number Slevin, Sin City, Black Hawk Down.

At the time, Chris Evans wasn’t a big star in Hollywood, and you could argue that Hartnett was still a very hot name then.

Iron Man – Johnny Depp

Okay, so we needed a big Hollywood star for the biggest part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Today people discuss when Depp last did a good movie. When was the last time that he was spectacular. In fact, one could argue that Downey Jr. was reintroduced to Hollywood through his performance as Stark.

Depp has the look, he’s a great actor – and it would probably stop him from doing Lone Ranger and Alice in Wonderland.

If you had to recast the Avengers, then who would you pick as Stark, Banner, Rogers, Romanoff, Barton, and Odinson? Sound off in the comments.

I’m Jeffrey Rex

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