Marvelous Monday #10 – Behold… The Vision

Marvelous Monday 10
Expect some comic book spoilers that will most likely also be spoilers for Age of Ultron.

Do you want to know what I am most excited about in Avengers: Age of Ultron? It’s simple really. One of the coolest, perhaps overpowered, Marvel characters is The Vision.

While Ultron may be the title villain, the Vision will be a big character in this film – if done right – and I expect a lot of Marvel fanboys to be overjoyed to finally see him. This is the character that once made the Wasp cry that he was an: “unearthly, inhuman vision”An android who’s been involved with an Avenger, and been an Avenger. The Vision really is one of my favorite bad-guys-gone-good in Marvel, and to see him on the big screen will be absolutely great. Even just seeing his face briefly in that one Age of Ultron trailer gave me goosebumps.

Avengers #57 is one of my favorite comic books, and it was, of course, the comic book that launched the Vision – with the subtitle Behold… the Vision! Created by Ultron who was created by Hank Pym – though created by Banner/Stark in the MCU.

I am really confident in the movie version of the character, why? Well, because Paul Bettany is already a part of the universe. The actor should understand what kind of movie this is, and we’ve already heard his voice before. This should work.

Now, there’s a huge chunk of Vision’s history that probably won’t be in the MCU – but let’s talk about it. Scarlet Witch is in this film, and she, of course, becomes involved with the Vision. I’d like to see that in the MCU, but I don’t know if they’ll try to go for that.

If you’ve read the comic book, read about Vision, or even just knows of some possible spoilers then you should have heard that the Vision could end up becoming the true hero of this film. If anyone can challenge Ultron, then it’s everyone’s favorite comic book android. I honestly think he will become the hero of this film – but that’s more speculation than spoiler.

My biggest fear is that they’ll make this character one and done – but Bettany recently told News Australia that they have plans for him, so that’s great. I wonder who he would stick with – I mean, Scarlet Witch makes sense – but she’s not really up for a solo film. Maybe he’ll appear in Civil War? That’d be great, civilians would probably be afraid of him.

But what do you look most forward to in Age of Ultron? Do you like the Vision? What do you want them to do with him? Sound off in the comments.

I’m Jeffrey Rex

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