Detective Comics Saturday #3 – The Movie We Deserve!

Detective Comics Saturday
For the uninitiated: This is a new weekly feature on the blog wherein I, I’m Jeffrey Rex, discuss all things DC. This is a test-run, however. Meaning that if this goes well, it’ll be a permanent fixture on I’m Jeffrey Rex in 2015, like Marvelous Monday is right now.

Today I’ve decided to write about that one movie we deserve. That one film that DC and Warner Bros. just have to release at some point. They actually owe us this one film. So what might that one be? Well, it’s not present anywhere on the released list of films in the shared universe.

I am, of course, talking about the movie Nightwing. My first favorite DC character was the original Robin – Dick Grayson. He, of course, ended up becoming Nightwing – and he has had a number of different jobs or position since.

But why do they owe us the film? Well, in 1995 a little film called Batman Forever was released – it wasn’t very good, but it gave us a new Robin on the big screen. They followed that one up with, perhaps, the worst big-budget movie ever made. Batman and Robin – I hate that film. So yes, they owe us a proper Dick Grayson portrayal – smart, dark, late 20s/early 30s. Grayson away from Wayne. Give it to us.

Let’s continue by talking about a potential movie, who should play him? Superhero Feed once asked (on Twitter) what character Andrew Garfield should play after ending his run as Spider-Man. I promptly answered – Nightwing. But, maybe that’s too easy, and, actually, somewhat unlikely. So let’s list 3 more names. Dylan O’Brien, Jared Padalecki, and why not Joseph Gordon-Levitt?

You might ask if it would fit in the universe, and it would. Ben Affleck is to be an experienced Batman – Jena Malone to be a Robin-type, supposedly. Nightwing would be his own guy at this point, and he can be as gritty as they want. Honestly, they have to do this movie – Dick Grayson is too good of a character to miss.

But what should the film be about? Well, I’d want his origin story in flashbacks – obviously, I’m not sure about the villain though – but the universe has a lot of potential, maybe he could fight members of the Suicide Squad… Something. Just give us this movie.

Do you agree? Is this the movie we deserve? Or is there another film you’d like?

I’m Jeffrey Rex

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