Spidey-Reboot: Drew Goddard at the Helm!

This just in. According to Latino Review, Drew Goddard (who left the Daredevil-Netflix show, and was signed on to do the Sinister Six-movie) is to both write and direct the Marvel/Sony Spidey-reboot to premiere in 2017. Latino Review mention that the new title is Spectacular Spider-Man, one of the titles I mentioned in my fifth Marvelous Monday.

People are still talking about Dylan O’Brien as Spider-Man, but Latino Review’s source doesn’t feel confident about that. I’m still hoping for Logan Lerman. The source does, however, mention that it won’t be an origin story – which, hopefully, doesn’t surprise anyone.

I am a fan of Goddard’s The Cabin in the Woods, and I really want to see if this is the new Raimi/Webb for the Spidey-franchise – but if Sony listens to Feige, then that might not be the case, seeing as they tend to have different directors for sequels.

Remember also that Downey Jr. teased a big announcement coming soon, my money’s on the casting of Spider-Man… But I dream of Downey signing on for many more films.

That’s all for now! Stay tuned.

I’m Jeffrey Rex

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