REACTION: Academy Awards 2015 Results

Here we are again on the eve of the Academy Awards. This year I had my heart set on Boyhood for Best Picture and Richard Linklater for Best Director – boy was I upset. Eventually Inarritu took it all, and I mean it all, even the screenplay award they were nominated for. I’m just saying, Academy – you should at least have given Linklater the Director Award if you were going to give Inarritu the scriptwriting award…

But Birdman wasn’t really a surprise, neither was Redmayne’s win over Keaton. What really did shock, but please, me was the fact that Big Hero 6 took home the Animated Feature Film award. In a year where they don’t give it to the LEGO Movie, they took my personal favorite of the nominees. I honestly don’t think that there were a lot of surprises this year.

This brings me to say that out of the 24 categories, I got 18 right in my prediction – and some that I even wanted to win took home the top prizes.

Prior to the nominees being announced I was upset about LEGO Movie and Nightcrawler not getting any love, and right now I am incredibly upset that Linklater’s 12-year Boyhood-project wasn’t recognized at the Oscars… Also, the Academy had an opportunity to recognize a film that people really loved this year (Guardians of the Galaxy) twice, but instead opted for Interstellar for VFX – the polarizing sci-fi flick – and Grand Budapest Hotel for Make-Up. Though I’m not as upset about that.

So, here at the very end of the post let’s take a look at all the winners. Have a great day!

I’m Jeffrey Rex

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