Marvel’s Daredevil (2015-) Teaser Trailer Review

Today Marvel and Netflix released the second video from the new Netflix series ‘Marvel’s Daredevil‘. The first one was, of course, just a logo – and some Hell’s Kitchen sound. The second teaser trailer has been released, and it has given us much more to go on. The trailer should be available above.

Before we dive into the discussion of the newly released trailer, I just want to mention one thing about the Ben Affleck-led Daredevil film, and specifically its trailer. The film was a mess, but the trailer really annoys me as well. The trailer tried too hard to be popular, it had specific rock music that wasn’t befitting such a trailer, it had too much of a love subplot present, Daredevil wasn’t scary – Daredevil was a funny hero. They tried too hard to turn Matt Murdock into Peter Parker. Thankfully, the feel of this Netflix trailer is much different.

Clocking in at about 1:30 this beast of a teaser trailer is extremely gritty and dark, it gives us a seemingly much more realistic take on Murdock – and it masterfully teases us about the presence of D’Onofrio’s Kingpin. At first glance it seems like a horror show, it is very Hell’s Kitchen – but also very reminiscent of NBC’s Hannibal.

The one thing, and this might actually be the only thing, that I dislike is the music or score, which seems akin to Prometheus‘ trailer tune.

I love how this trailer only teases – more often than not teaser trailers tend to turn into full trailers featuring story. In this one there’s no mentioning of Murdock’s past, why he’s blind – or why we should fear Kingpin. It only teases, it provokes.

Murdoch and Kingpin - 1:10
Murdoch and Kingpin – 1:10

There are a few notes though. In the trailer you see a blind man (and I’m not just talking about Murdock) standing in an elevator. That man is Stick, played by Scott Glenn, the trainer – or sensei – of Matt Murdock.

Stick? 0:27
Stick? 0:27

Deborah Ann Woll’s character, Karen Page, is very much present in the trailer – for example, sitting in front of Foggy Nelson, played by Elden Henson. And crying over a body, whilst holding a knife – I’m unsure who is lying on the floor. If there are any Daredevil experts out there, do tell. I suspect, though, that Karen Page (who I believe is a secretary in the comics) is under trial – and Foggy is representing her. But I am not an expert on the lore of Daredevil, not even close.

This trailer, though, is extremely good – it isn’t trying to be more than we suspect it is. It’s gritty, dark, horror-like – and I cannot wait to see what’s next.

Marvel’s Daredevil premieres on Netflix on the 10th of April. I urge you to watch along with me.

– I’m Jeffrey Rex.

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