8th Stage – Tour de France 2013

The 8th Stage of Le Tour was amazing. It was a stage were the entire GC was shuffled around, and a day where some fell and some arose. Today we will focus on Sky & Jakob as always. But before that, I’d like to make a statement: You are always innocent until proven guilty. Doping is wrong, but you don’t know anything until it’s been proven, so stop this witch hunt.

Sky Pro Cycling
How amazing where Team Sky? Sure some of the riders didn’t do a lot, but wow I loved to see Peter Kennaugh as a Grimpeur. Kennaugh was amazing, as was Porte & Froome. The real story is that Sky completely broke Alberto Contador, who lost 1’45” on the 8th. It will be interesting to see how they react on the 9th, ’cause they are far behind Sky who where just better than everyone.

Jakob Fuglsang
He didn’t have any help, but he managed to make it to 17th on the stage. Impressed. Jakob lost around 3 minutes to Sky, but is still placed well in the GC.

Nairo Quintana in White.
Chris Froome in Yellow.
Chris Froome owns the Polka Dot, worn by Pierre Rolland.
Peter Sagan in Green.

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