REVIEW: Westworld – “The Bicameral Mind”


The following is a spoiler review of the tenth episode of Westworld – Developed by Jonathan Nolan & Lisa Joy

In the final episode of the first season of Westworld, Ford (played by Anthony Hopkins) presents his new story to the Delos board, we finally find out who Wyatt is, Teddy (played by James Marsden) finds Dolores (played by Evan Rachel Wood), and Charlotte (played by Tessa Thompson) tries to force Ford to retire. Continue reading “REVIEW: Westworld – “The Bicameral Mind””

REVIEW: Preacher – “Call and Response”

Preacher Review Outline

The following is a spoiler review of the tenth episode of ‘Preacher’, available on AMC in the United States and on Viaplay in Denmark.

In the season finale of the first season of Preacher (“Call and Response”), Jesse (played by Dominic Cooper) calls God, Tulip (played by Ruth Negga) presents Carlos to Jesse, Cassidy (played by Joseph Gilgun) gets tortured, and the inhabitants of Annville finally get some answers. Continue reading “REVIEW: Preacher – “Call and Response””

REVIEW: Better Call Saul – “Klick”

Better Call Saul - Reviewed

The following is a review of the tenth and final episode of the second season of Better Call Saul, available on AMC in the U.S. and on Netflix in Europe. Expect spoilers

In the final episode of this season of Better Call Saul (“Klick”), we finally learn what happened to Chuck, Jimmy makes a life-changing decision, and Mike gets ready to pull a trigger. Better Call Saul co-creator (and creator of Breaking Bad) Vince Gilligan directed Klick, and wrote it with Heather Marion.  Continue reading “REVIEW: Better Call Saul – “Klick””