Is Vinyl a flop? – Testing Television #1

Rockwell Testing TV 2

Testing Television is a new recurring series of posts. In Testing Television, I give you five intriguing pieces of news from the world of television entertainment, followed by the main topic of the show. Finally, under ‘Spotlight’, I highlight a show I highly recommend. As of right now, Testing Television is unscheduled, but it may get a set date every week or month, if the format works.

In this post of Testing Television, I ask whether or not the first season of HBO’s ‘musical’ period drama, Vinyl, was a flop. Also, I highly recommend the great sitcom [Scrubs], one of my favorite comedy shows of all-time. But first, here are the five pieces of television news that you have to know about! Continue reading “Is Vinyl a flop? – Testing Television #1”

Favorite Thespians #2 – Ryan Reynolds

Favorite Thespians - Reynolds

In honor of the great Deadpool-film, I’m moving my Favorite Thespians-schedule around a bit. This time it’s all about Ryan Reynolds! Favorite Thespians is a monthly opinion piece wherein I name one of my favorite actors or actresses. Favorite Thespians contains three separate sections: one section on the first film I saw the thespian in (“On My Radar”), another section on 5 films you need to see to know the thespian (“Homework”), and a section on my favorite performance from him/her. Continue reading “Favorite Thespians #2 – Ryan Reynolds”

Recommendation: Kickstarter

Today I’d like to talk to you about Kickstarter, some of you may already know what it is, which is good, but some of you just might be wondering what everyones talking about. Yesterday a month long project by actor Zach Braff, from the TV Show Scrubs, succeeded in reaching a goal of $2 million – not only that, but he actually earned roughly $3 million. Now what is this project? And how did he do it?  Zach Braff once made a movie called ‘Garden State’, and he’s been wanting to create a new movie – that’s where we come in. Us, as fans, were asked to contribute (to back) to his project – his movie. He didn’t want to be tied down by massive Hollywood companies, he wanted to be able to have first say – Director’s Cut, and all that. He wants to make the movie ‘Wish I Was Here’, and he’s going to make that movie – supposedly with Jim Parsons & Anna Kendrick in the cast.

I’m talking to you about this because I backed his project, I contributed – I like this way of thinking, this way of creating art. Now, this is not for everyone, but I do believe Kickstarter is a wonderful page, and Braff’s doing something very smart. Not only for his movie, but also for his fans like me. To be contributing to a movie by an actor you like, doesn’t that sound great? It does in my ears at least, and I’m very much looking forward to seeing how ‘Wish I Was Here’ ends up.

– I’m Jeffrey Rex