REVIEW: Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind (2018 – Documentary)

Poster – HBO

The following is a review of the HBO Documentary – Robin Williams: Come Inside my Mind.

For no reason, in particular, I rewatched Vincent Ward’s What Dreams May Come the other day. It is a fantasy-drama from the late 1990s that is memorable for its unique look as it showed audiences a different version of the afterlife. It is a film about the immortality of the human soul, the idea of soulmates, and it is also a film that pays particular attention to a character who died by suicide. Continue reading “REVIEW: Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind (2018 – Documentary)”

Best Films of the Decade: 1990s


The following is a top 10 list of the best films of the 1990s

The 1990s were very important for the evolution of major motion pictures. It gave us the Disney Renaissance (1989-1999), as well as Pixar – the greatest computer animation film studio in the world. Meanwhile, the advancements made in the field of CGI also made some of the most important 1990s films possible.

Do note that this is my personal top 10 list of the 1990s. Your favorite film may be missing, and I may have loved that film, but, ultimately, this is just a top 10. These decade-lists are the very hardest lists to write, for there are so many films that I had to leave out. If there are films on this list that you’ve never seen, then I would suggest that you check them out post-haste. These aren’t full reviews of every film, but each entry features a comment or two about the film.  Continue reading “Best Films of the Decade: 1990s”

New Year’s Speech: “Goodbye 2014”


Once I used to take great pride in my New Year’s Speeches, especially those that I uploaded to my Blogspot-I’m Jeffrey Rex blog. When that blog was drowned by the internet dust, I gave up on uploading these speeches – and therefore I did not give you one at the end of 2013. Now, however, I’ve decided to return to the comfortable world of speech writing. With that having been said, I haven’t done this in a long time – so beware.

The two speeches that I was able to upload to the archive on this blog both had specific dedications. I dedicated 2011 to democracy, and 2012 to the victims of mass shootings. Seeing as I never wrote this type of speech in 2013, I never got to dedicate that year to anything – but retroactively I’d probably dedicate it to the freedom fighters that chose to stand up against their own nation, their own government – the ones that do what is best for the many civilians. I’m talking about Snowden, of course, and people like him. Some things should be kept secret, but the information leaked did also aid us in understanding the governmental injustices of a Goliath in the western world.

But enough of that, let’s get to 2014. A year that is full of disappointment for me, loss, a depressed state, but also a year in which I finally got to do what I really wanted.

Continue reading “New Year’s Speech: “Goodbye 2014””