REVIEW: Better Call Saul – “Mabel”

The following is a review and recap of the first episode of the third season of Better Call Saul, available on AMC in the U. S. and on Netflix internationally. Expect story spoilers. 

It’s finally that time of the year again. Better Call Saul, which is currently my favorite show on television, is back. You know, it’s funny. Before I had seen the show, I was extremely worried about Better Call Saul somehow retroactively hurting Breaking Bad. As we now know, my fears were unfounded as Better Call Saul has become not just a great spin-off show, but also my personal favorite spin-off show.

In the first episode of the third season – Mabel – ‘Gene’ briefly shows his true colors, Kim Wexler grows increasingly paranoid about her own work, Mike Ehrmantraut tries to figure out who’s been watching him, and Jimmy McGill has ten good minutes with his brother.
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