REVIEW: Westworld – “Journey Into Night”


The following is a spoiler-filled review of the first episode of Westworld: Season Two – Developed by Jonathan Nolan & Lisa Joy

In the first episode of the second season of Westworld (“Journey Into Night”), Bernard (played by Jeffrey Wright) has trouble remembering what happened since the massacre at the end of season one, Maeve (played by Thandie Newton) finds a new friend to guide her in her search for her daughter, and William (played by Ed Harris) learns about a new game. Continue reading “REVIEW: Westworld – “Journey Into Night””

REVIEW: The Commune (2016)

International Release Poster - Nordisk Film
International Release Poster – Nordisk Film

The following is a quick review of Thomas Vinterberg’s The Commune (Danish Title: Kollektivet).

The Commune takes place in Denmark in the 1970s and it follows Erik (played by Ulrich Thomsen) – a lecturer who teaches architecture – and Anna (played by Trine Dyrholm) – a television newsreader – who are married to each other and have a young daughter named Freja (played by Martha Sofie Wallstrøm Hansen).

When Erik inherits a large family house, Anna suggests that they could invite friends in to live with them, as that would be the only way for them to afford to live there. Erik somewhat reluctantly accepts, but soon he feels like he has lost his connection to his wife. Soon their relationship takes a turn for the worse.  Continue reading “REVIEW: The Commune (2016)”