REVIEW: Girlfriend’s Day (2017)

Release Poster - Netflix
Release Poster – Netflix

The following is a quick review of Girlfriend’s Day – Directed by Michael Paul Stephenson

On Valentine’s Day 2017, Netflix released an original film from the mind of – and starring – Bob Odenkirk with a lean runtime of 70 minutes. As I am a fan of Odenkirk, it should’ve been easy to get through. It should’ve been a treat. But, somehow, it took me more than a week to get through and finish.

Girlfriend’s Day tells the story of a guy who is down on his luck and is in serious need of a pick-me-up. Ray (played by Bob Odenkirk) is a semi-famous romance greeting card-writer who lost his touch and talent after his wife left him for another man.

After having been fired, Ray suddenly has the opportunity to take part in a competition for amateurs and out-of-work professionals. He has to design an original greeting card for a new holiday: ‘Girlfriend’s Day.’ But he’s shocked to learn just how competitive other writers are.

Greetings. From the ‘Greetings’ industry.

You might think that a movie about greeting cards would be pretty warm or lovely, but this is really more of a film about the greeting cards industry and a writer’s exit from it, and thus it is much more of a cold movie. Girlfriend’s Day has this cold, dark, and blue color scheme that is just as depressing and bitter as the film itself.

I really did not like, or particularly enjoy, Girlfriend’s Day. The film itself, which is fairly short (70 minutes long), doesn’t justify its runtime, and, although it sort of feels like an extended comedy short from one of Odenkirk’s sketch shows, I didn’t find it particularly funny.

Never write for anyone, always write for someone.

The only reason why I ended up finishing the film was because I actually enjoy the cast. I’m a big fan of Bob Odenkirk, and, for what it’s worth, I did enjoy watching him in the film. My favorite thing about the film was seeing him and Amber Tamblyn in their scenes together. It was also great to see Alex Karpovsky and Stacy Keach in the film, as I enjoy watching both of those actors. But I can’t recommend this film, as it, somehow (in spite of its runtime), felt like a chore to watch.

Girlfriend’s Day is a depressing dramedy that I didn’t find funny. It’s really slow and bitter, and, ultimately, not worth your time. When the film is about to end, you still don’t care about the characters or the plot. It has no meaning to you. It has no weight.

4 out of 10

– Jeffrey Rex

4 thoughts on “REVIEW: Girlfriend’s Day (2017)

  1. I totally agree with your review especially the summary at the end. It really is not funny, its bitter and not worth time that we have both wasted.

      1. Same here, were you tempted to switch it off as well? As I was, even with the short running time just wasn’t impressed at all.

      2. As I mentioned in the review, it took me more than a week to finish. To be honest with you, every time I switched it off, I wasn’t sure if I would ever get back to it. It’s just a really disappointing film.

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