HBO Cancels Vinyl! – Testing Television #3

Blue Midnight - Testing TV

In this post of Testing Television, I ask what the best current comedy show on television is. Later, I highly recommend the great science fiction show Stargate SG-1. But first, here are the television news that you have to know about!

  • HBO cancels ‘Vinyl’!: In the first ever Testing Television I called Vinyl, which I desperately wanted to love (and was looking forward to), a flop. The show had already been given a second season, but now HBO has realized that that was a mistake. Vinyl has been cancelled. No season two for Jagger & Co… Vinyl wasn’t the next big HBO show, but this next show may be what they’re looking for…
  • Westworld – Teaser Trailer: How can you not be excited for this show after watching that trailer? It looks great. It has a great cast. Oh, and of course both J. J. Abrams and Jonathan Nolan are involved with it. The premise sounds really interesting. Check out the trailer! Westworld arrives on HBO this October. I can’t wait.

Topic Talk Testing Television

  • Best comedy show on television right now?

For the first two Testing Television, I’ve chosen two comedy shows for the spotlight-section (not a comedy this time around!) – [Scrubs] & Chuck – at some point I may write more about Community, which is another one of my favorite comedy shows of all-time. But all three of those shows have ended, so today I want to talk about what currently running comedy show you have to watch.

So there are some shows that are beloved, but are shows that I haven’t checked out yet (Broad City) or haven’t seen in years (The Big Bang Theory; Modern Family). Or maybe you’re a huge fan of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, which I didn’t connect with. So one of those shows may be the answer for you. For me, though, it must come down to two HBO shows and one Netflix series.

Let’s start with Netflix. You may have missed this show (look, I get it, there are a lot of Netflix shows), but this one is so good. The first season of Master of None was released in November 2015, and the second season will probably arrive in 2017. Aziz Ansari is so good, and the show hits all the right notes. Check it out. HBO’s Veep has also been praised a lot, and you should check that one out too (I haven’t seen the newest season yet, but the show is great).

But here is my pick for the best comedy show on television right now: HBO’s Silicon Valley. I may review the first two seasons in a couple of days, seeing as the third season is about to end (and I may end up reviewing that one too), so look out for those after you’ve binge-watched the show.

Stargate - Testing TV Spotlight

  • Title: Stargate SG-1 – Created by: Brad Wright & Jonathan Glassner – Length: 10 seasons (1997-2007) – Network: Showtime & Syfy.

Stargate SG-1 is a sequel to the Roland Emmerich science fiction film Stargate from 1994. The main cast has been recast for the television show, but the ‘replacements’ quickly take control and ownership of their parts. It follows teams of military men and women, scientists, and aliens that travel through a device called a ‘stargate’ to other worlds, planets, and galaxies.

The show is just so memorable. It’s just so amazing. I have it right up there with any and all Star Trek shows. The franchise doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. I love this show, and, really, this franchise, in spite of its problems. So yeah, it definitely has problems, and it doesn’t always deal with touchy subjects very well.

But it is a fun little sci-fi show that seems to have been forgotten by many television viewers. It is much better than the film that spawned this series, and Amanda Tapping’s Samantha Carter is one of my favorite female television characters. Please check this show out. At the very least, you get MacGyver in space!

– I’m Jeffrey Rex

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