Quick Comic Book Reviews – Week of October 7, 2015

Quick Comic Book ReviewsAll-New All-Different Marvel began today – meanwhile, Shattered Empire and Secret Wars returned with intriguing issues. Let’s take a look at three Marvel standouts from this week’s new comics!

  • Invincible Iron Man, Volume 2, Issue 1 – Written by Brian Michael Bendis, Art by David Marquez.

A new Iron Man story! Rejoice! Now, this issue didn’t do a lot for me, as it only really showed off Stark’s new suit and the new-and-improved Friday… Still, this first issue definitely wasn’t bad.

No real action, sure. But the emphasis on Tony, as a person, felt great. But here’s the thing – this is the best looking Iron Man story I’ve seen in quite a while. The art in this issue is magnificent, gorgeous! David Marquez saves this issue, and it is a worthy pick-up for the art alone.

Issue Grade: B-

  • Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Shattered Empire, Issue 2 – Written by Greg Rucka, Art by Marco Checchetto.

While I still feel these Shattered Empire issues are too short, this was yet another intriguing entry in the Journey to the Force Awakens. Shara Bey is still the star of the comic book, and her character continues to be right in the middle of the Rebel Alliance – and she even name-dropped one of the sequel trilogy’s new stars!

She has not heard from her husband since issue 1, which does worry me – and I have an idea of where this story might be going… The best moment in this comic book actually happens on the opening pages. An odd Messenger relays an order from the Emperor (remember, this is set after Return of the Jedi), and the imperials brush off the rumors of Palpatine’s death as being nothing more than Rebel-propaganda.

All in all, this was a solid but short issue – and looks to be, in my opinion, the strongest Marvel/Star Wars comic book ‘series’ yet. The plot of the issue is rather interesting as well, and features one of the original three in a leading role. Issue three should be interesting.

Issue Grade: B+

  • Secret Wars, Marvel Event, Issue 6 – Written by Jonathan Hickman, Art by Esad Ribic

I must admit, in this point in time, I am growing tired of Secret Wars as an event. Don’t get me wrong, I love Hickman’s writing – the story is an interesting take on Marvel heroes and villains – but it started way back in May 2015, and we’re only at issue 6 (of 8).

And while there are some interesting plotpoints in this issue, with the story of the Fantastic Four being the most interesting one, I was once again disappointed with the issue. We follow a large number of different groupings, and some of these group stories fall short of greatness. I’m still interested in the event, but I’m ready for Marvel to restart its universe.. Bring it.

Issue Grade: B-

For a full list of Comic Book Review grades, go here.

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