REVIEW: Secret Wars (Crossover) #2

Marvel Comics – Secret Wars #2 – Cover by Alex Ross

The following is a full written review of Secret Wars #2 – Written by Jonathan Hickman, with art by Esad Ribic – Release: May 13th 2015.

Following the end of the Marvel Universe as well as the Ultimate Universe, the second issue of the biggest Marvel crossover event in a long time has a lot to explain. The thing is, though, it does not. Instead we’re treated to a very different Marvel universe – and somehow it looks like a certain HBO show.

Expect some spoilers from Secret Wars #1, and from the issue itself.

After last week’s incredibly sad issue featuring the chosen few Marvel Universe heroes, issue 2 goes in a completely different direction. No explanation of what’s transpired is given, instead we encounter a very different world featuring very different character dynamics.

Welcome to Latverion – or Battleworld. King Doom’s playground, his Earth Project one might say, is a bit confusing still. And the inclusion of the Future Foundation, as well as Susan Richards, is incredibly… weird. Still, though, this is just the second issue.

A welcomed surprise was the way Hickman’s story relied on the service of the Thors. I really miss Odinson, so this was really nice to see. When they revealed who their ‘God’ was I had a grin on my face – very good reveal.

There’s a fine line between an homage and stealing. I’m not so sure how I feel about Battleworld’s obsession with HBO’s Game of Thrones. It has its own Petyr Baelish-lookalike (Stephen Strange), it’s own kingsguard (Thors), and its own Iron Throne (Yggdrasil).

The homage, inspiration – whatever it was – did give us something awesome, though. On the other side of the Shield, the Deadlands, James Braddock encounters a couple of creepy creatures and monsters – and every thing about those panels was awesome.

The issue cliffhanger was great. I expected to see our heroes from the first issue, but I loved the reveal of the Cabal. I cannot wait for the next issue, but… I’ll have to.

As for the art? Well, it still looks great. The coloring, the artwork – awesome. Still, though, Esad Ribic really does have a problem with gasping faces. If you can get over that, though, you’ve got something interesting in store here.

Final Grade: B – Another captivating issue by the Hickman-team, featuring some breathtaking revelations. However, Ribic’s minor facial problems persist, and at times this is more like Marvel’s Game of Thrones than anything else. For the full list of Comic Book Review grades go here.

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