Marvelous Monday #5 – 5 Ways to Reboot Spider-Man for Marvel

I'm Jeffrey Rex' Marvelous Monday #5

For the uninitiated: This is a new weekly feature on the blog wherein I, I’m Jeffrey Rex, discuss all things Marvel.

On this, the fifth ‘installment’ of I’m Jeffrey Rex’ Marvelous Monday, I’ve decided to pitch my ideas for the Sony Pictures/Marvel Studios co-production film. If you don’t know what I am talking about, then sit back, relax – and follow this link.

Ironically, last week I released a ‘what if’ post about Sony and Marvel making a deal in 2010 – and then this happened. On the same day no less. Now, in this post I’ll give you 5 story ideas, ideas for the people behind the camera – as well as who I eye for the various roles. So sit back. Let’s talk about everyone’s favorite webslinger – and, essentially, pitch a bunch of films.

First things first, though – while I call this a reboot, I really don’t expect to see the origin story retold. For one, it’s not in the best interest of Sony to do that – and Marvel Studios has been known to look at other ways to bring you up to speed. Think about how the Edward Norton-led The Incredible Hulk opened – we were pretty much retold the origin of Bruce Banner in a short montage. Note that no actor/director/writer will be attached to more than one scenario – that would be cheating, I think. So without further ado, let’s talk about Scenario no. 1.

Scenario #1 – The Spectacular Spider-Man

The first scenario is the most likely one. That we focus on Parker in High School – or at least at a school – and that we see him as a kid first, and a superhero second. I’m okay with that – I guess – but I have a very specific way I want to see it done. Think Spiderman: The Animated Series.

Though the title of the first scenario may be borrowed from a different animated show, I want this take on Spider-Man to open with ‘The Night of the Lizard’. Now you may be screaming that TASM already did that, and yes, sure, they did. But I want them to do it the right way. Focus on his family, his humanity, and give us the huge sewer-fight. Look, I like Rhys Ifans – but I want a different take on Connors.

BASIC PLOT: Parker-family friend Dr. Curt Connors invites Peter to his lab, wherein they cooperate on the serum that will help Connors get his arm back, but what Peter hasn’t realized is that he’s already tested the serum – and he feels the change tearing his body, his genetic makeup, and in length his family apart. As the reptilian brain takes over Dr Connors, Peter must race to save the Connors family – and try to reverse Connors’ transformation.

Dylan O’Brien as Peter Parker.
Hugh Dancy as Curt Connors.
Diane Kruger as Margaret Connors.

DIRECTOR: Jon Favreau – could we get him back to Marvel movies? Maybe, maybe not – but there’s no guy I’d rather want for this adaptation.

WRITER(S): Nicole Perlman – she, alongside James Gunn, wrote Guardians of the Galaxy, and she doctored the Thor script. I want her to pen this script.

Scenario #2 – Sensational Spider-Man

Personal Casting choice for Spidey and MJ in High school reboot

This scenario adaptation contains the actors I prefer playing Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson, if Marvel/Sony decides to go with high school. The guy playing Peter is a rising star, starred in my favorite coming-of-age film from the 21st century, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and has acted across from Brad Pitt and Russell Crowe, and though he is a bit of a ‘pretty boy,’ I think this might be the most talented actor we could have playing Peter Parker. As for Mary Jane, I thought this young woman was great in 2013’s The Way Way Back, and I want to see her in a big blockbuster… Though, she’d have to dye her hair.

The main villain will be Kraven the Hunter with the Chameleon assisting, but this take on the Chameleon will be heavily influenced by the Scarecrow in Batman Begins. Also, I want a huge part of this issue to revolve around the giant reveal in Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 2 #38, which would definitely change the dynamic of this reboot.

BASIC PLOT: Dmitri Smerdyakov and Sergei Kravinoff know Peter Parker’s secret, and are out to rid the world of the wallcrawler. As Smerdyakov poses as J.J. Jameson, Parker starts to notice something’s wrong. A battle ensues. In the buildup to the third act of the film, Aunt May learns Peter’s secret – but Peter isn’t the only one to blame for what happened the night that Uncle Ben died.

Logan Lerman as Peter Parker.
Viggo Mortensen as Sergei Kravinoff, Kraven.
– Joel Kinnaman as Dmitri Smerdyakov, The Chameleon.
AnnaSophia Robb as Mary Jane Watson.
J.K. Simmons as J.J. Jameson.

DIRECTOR: Damien Chazelle – even though he doesn’t have a lot of experience, this man is being praised for Whiplash – he’s worked with young actors before, and I’d love to see what he could do with superhero characters.

WRITER(S): Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely – these guys are pretty busy, but they’re also brilliant. Marvel loves to use them, and maybe this could be their fifth Marvel script.

Scenario #3 – The Ultimate Spider-Man

Yup. This is the Miles Morales scenario. Though rather unlikely, seeing as they mention Peter Parker by name in the lease-announcement, this would be amazing. Here’s the thing though, we can’t make him a grade-schooler – which he is in the comics – and we can’t make him too old, ’cause he has to be realistic for the MCU. So what if they go the Ant-Man route? Meaning, Peter Parker was a superhero back in the day – but he has retired from the superhero business – settled down. This take on the story involves Harry Osborn trying to recreate the powers of Spider-Man for his own selfish reasons, the death of Peter Parker – and a high school Miles Morales.

BASIC PLOT: Harry Osborn and Oscorp is trying to recreate the powers of Spider-Man, a vigilante from the 1980s who is nowhere to be found. As the experiment goes terribly wrong during an event at Oscorp, Miles Morales is infected with the serum. Though initially reluctant to make use of the power, the retired Peter Parker shows him what courage is during a battle with his old foe – the Green Goblin.

Alfred Enoch as Miles Morales.
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Harry Osborn.
Justin Theroux as Peter Parker.
Harry Shum Jr. as Ganke Lee.

WRITER-DIRECTOR: Ava DuVernay – It’s time we get a female director to handle a big film, and Ava’s been praised for Selma – so why not?

Scenario #4 – The Superior Spider-Man

The title is misleading – this won’t be about Otto Octavius (meaning the recent storyline in Marvel Comics) – instead I want to title this scenario ‘superior’ due to the fact that the symbiote costume can feel much stronger than Parker’s regular self. So, yeah, this is about doing Venom right – and it won’t be by giving the suit to a bully, or to Eddie Brock. No, give it to Parker’s best friend instead – this way the story is about friendship – make ’em feel like friends.

BASIC PLOT: Parker discovers a venom symbiote supposedly originating from the attack on New York orchestrated by Loki, as Parker feels the true power of the venom symbiote – he tries to destroy it, but is unsuccessful. The spoiled Harry Osborn is jealous of the spotlight given to Spider-Man, and is drawn to the venom symbiote. Now Parker must try to save his best friend from something Harry cannot control.

Jeremy Irvine as Peter Parker.
Skylar Astin as Harry Osborn.

DIRECTOR: Dan GilroyNightcrawler was insanely good, give him a chance.

WRITER(S): Dan Gilroy – Yup, same guy.

Scenario #5 – The Legend of The Spider

Now you might think to yourself that I only added the title of this film scenario as a knock at Fox’ gritty Fantastic Four approach, and the Nolanesque approach to Kal-El in Man of Steel – and if you did, you’d be absolutely correct. The truth is that we have no idea what they decide to do, and who knows – maybe they’ll go gritty. If they do so, they have an opportunity to make a flawed Spider-Man.

BASIC PLOT: In the post-Civil War world, Peter Parker’s plans of settling down are halted when Professor Miles Warren consults Cleatus Kasady, and as a result goes on a killing spree to avenge the death of his wife. In a dark twist of fate, Parker’s aunt is infected with a virus that threatens to tear apart the world of the once friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Anton Yelchin as Peter Parker.
Cillian Murphy as Professor Miles Warren (Different take on the Jackal).
Richard Brake as Cleatus Kasady (Easter Egg/Worldbuilding – preparing for Carnage).

DIRECTOR: Darren Aronofsky. I am a big fan of his, and if anyone could make the world of Spider-Man gritty – it is the man that made us all gasp in terror at Requiem For A Dream.

WRITER(S): Lynne Ramsay & Rory Stewart Kinnear. These are the people that adapted Lionel Shriver’s We Need To Talk About Kevin into a screenplay for the big screen.

But what do you think? Is there a specific scenario here that you like? Do you have an idea? If so – sound off in the comments!

Stay Marvelous!

I’m Jeffrey Rex

2 thoughts on “Marvelous Monday #5 – 5 Ways to Reboot Spider-Man for Marvel

  1. I’m actually very intrigued by the idea of Logan Lerman as Peter Parker, but I’m still firmly in the camp of having Donald Glover take up the role (unless, of course, Troy Barnes would return to Greendale).

    Still, fascinating stuff. Why aren’t you a casting director?

    1. Yeah the more I think about it, the more Lerman makes sense to me. Donald would be great, but I don’t think he has a shot, sadly. Would like to, at least, see him in the film.

      And, yeah, I don’t know why I am not a casting director. Haven’t been asked yet. 😛

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