NFL Draft 2014 Review: Chicago Bears

David Fales, QB, San Jose State – 6th Round Pick, Chicago Bears.

The wait is over. After having watched the entirety of the 7 rounds we can now take a step back and look at what we got. Now, I will not be grading our Draft Class, for they haven’t played yet – but I will see if I agree with the picks we’ve made, and if we’ve filled the holes we have on our team – the needs we have on our team. So without further ado:


For some this was their top cornerback (it was not for me, but he was up there), and by that respect it’s a good pick. Now, here’s why many Bears fans are upset with this pick, we had our choice of safeties here… HaHa and Pryor were both there, and the former ended up with Green Bay… Still, this pick gets us a future replacement for Peanut Tillman, as well as scores us a starting Nickelcorner – and that’s an important position to fill when you have opponents like Eric Ebron, Brandon Pettigrew, Randall Cobb etc. I like this pick, but I would’ve taken HaHa Clinton-Dix.


We needed a Defensive Tackle, and we got one here. I would’ve reached for a safety here – but Ego fills a need as a 2-technigue. I don’t know a lot about this guy.


When we picked our second Defensive Tackle, this one being 3-technigue, a lot of Bears fans were going crazy – in a good way. There’s been some problems with his weight, but he gained weight for the sake of his team, and he’s down to 290 pounds now, I believe. Good pick – but where is our safety?


Value Pick. Ka’Deem Carey is tough to bring down, though as quick as Forte. Here we have a guy to take over for Michael Bush as the short yardage guy, and backup Running Back. I cannot argue with this pick.


Then we traded back into the fourth round, and that was exciting. Brock Vereen was our guy, a safety from Minnesota. He was on my list for Day 3 in my Day 2 Review, and I’m glad we got him.


Here’s a guy I love. Back in January I started looking for a young backup, and then I saw David Fales – and I loved what he showed, how promising he was. Then I ranked the QB’s a few weeks ago, and I mentioned him as a guy I’d love for Trestman to get his hands on. I called this pick, and I love this pick.


Punters are people too. This guy is built like a linebacker, and looks to have a big kick. You cannot argue with picking a punter in the 6th round (the best punter in the draft), after having seen Podlesh last year.


Building depth on our offensive line, that’s very important – and who knows, he may be the next Jordan Mills.

– I’m Jeffrey Rex.

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