REVIEW: Marvel’s Agent Carter – “Time and Tide”

I'm Jeffrey Rex Episode Review - Agent Carter - ep 3
On the 18th of February 2015 Danish Netflix released the episodes that have aired on ABC of Marvel’s Agent Carter. This is my first time watching and reviewing it, though I am aware of the fact that most Americans have had the opportunity to watch it

As explained after Bridge and Tunnel, I am starting to like the vibe Carter and Jarvis are giving off when they’re together. The dialogue is fun, and D’Arcy is very entertaining. At the beginning of this episode, he was as stellar as ever when delivering humorous dialogue.

As Jarvis was interrogated I was worried that it would fall flat – that it wouldn’t feel as real as it should. Thankfully, the show managed to keep us entertained during the interrogation. They handled it rather well. Jarvis is a very interesting character, and I’m glad that Chad Michael Murray had something to do in this episode by interacting with D’Arcy’s character.

I really enjoyed the debate by the pier between Jarvis and Carter – Jarvis was spot-on – and his subsequent phonecall to Sousa was hilarious. Jarvis and Carter are winning me over, I am starting to really like this show. Sidenote, is it just me or did you also find it weird that Sousa and Krzeminski were signalling that they were on their way to the pier? The SSR should be secret and silent, not loud like they were going to the pier.

The death of Krzeminski adds to the drama of the show, and also aids Carter somewhat. Hard to know how to react to that scene. His death means her secret is safe for now, though the reaction of Rose and the gals was tough to stomach.

The silence was chilling. The fact that they blamed Stark for what happened is good for the show, so I’m not complaining. I liked that Peggy “English” opened up to Angie at the end of the episode, Peggy needs to open up – she seems like too much of a loner (as I’ve mentioned before). This was a great episode. Great story, great character interaction and a great episode conclusion.


I’m Jeffrey Rex

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