REVIEW: House of Cards – “Chapter 33”

I'm Jeffrey Rex Episode Review - Netflix - House of Cards 33The following is a review of the seventh episode of season three. Expect spoilers in the plot description.

What will be the fallout from one of the best episodes on Netflix ever? Come find out. Let’s get to the plot description:

The episode opens with the Underwoods renewing their vows, but we learn that’s a month from now – throughout the episode we interweave to and away from this renewing of their vows-moment. Claire’s defiance has seperated the Underwoods when they return home. Claire tells Frank that she will get the deal done in the UN general assembly, she believes that she owes him that.

In what is an interesting turn of events, we see Frank scolding the opinion of Claire in the cabinet room in front of the rest of his cabinet. This isn’t the same couple that shared Meechum last season.

Back in a diner, Stamper and Orsay meet, Orsay has found Rachel – he has photos of her from when she was in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Orsay wants to know how far Stamper’s gotten with the passport – but Stamper’s stonewalling him.

Back in Washington, Underwood is getting things done. He is turning people from both parties – people now support him and his America Works. AmWorks works.

As we get to the renewing of the vows, and a ceremonial event by munks present in Washington, the writer finally reveals a secret to Frank. He is not the true author of his first book. His friend, the one who died – the one Frank thought was the author in Chapter 32 – was the true author of the first half of it. His career is based on a lie. Frank finally tells the author to: “Scribble away.”

As the episode comes to a close, we’ve seen Claire defending her husband vehemently to the Israelian UN Ambassador. As she returns home, she finds a note from Frank saying: “Nothing lasts forever – except us.”

This episode was about trust. Frank and Claire trusting each other, the Underwoods trusting the author, and Orsay trusting Stamper. It’s important for the show to have the Underwoods be a united front – and this episode definitely provided that.

This was not a particularly strong episode for me, it rested too much on the struggle between the Underwoods – and thus felt more like a filler episode. With that having been said, the performances were strong – as always – and I enjoyed seeing the Underwoods renewing their vows.


I’m Jeffrey Rex

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