REVIEW: House of Cards – “Chapter 32”

I'm Jeffrey Rex Episode Review - Netflix - House of Cards 32The following is a review of the sixth episode of season three. Expect spoilers in the plot description.

Courage. Ego. Respect. This is one of the best episodes on Netflix. This is one of the best episodes ever of House of Cards. Let’s get to the plot description:

The episode opens with the President being interviewed on the Air Force One by the man assigned to write the book on AmWorks. He is being quizzed on his first job, and in turn Underwood asks the author about characters from his book Scorpio. The President is on his way to Russia.

Meanwhile, Orsay is still by Lisa’s side – trying to gather new information about Rachel. He is acting out, however.

In Russia, the Presidents start over – and Claire is taken to Corrigan. Corrigan is informed that in exchange for his release he is to sign off on a prepared statement. Corrigan refuses to say or sign off on the statement seeing as he finds it patronizing.

Petrov is angry, thinking that Claire is making Corrigan refuse the statement – thinking they want to embarrass him. No statement, no deal. That is the bottom line for Petrov. No cooperation means that Corrigan goes to trial.

Now, back in the States Orsay is trying to get closer to Lisa, who’s convinced him to get tested for HIV. He’s negative, but of course he claims to Lisa that he IS positive. Lisa is letting Orsay into her life. I feel bad for her, she’s had a tough ride.

One of the best scenes ever on this show takes place in a prison cell. Claire and Corrigan are having dinner, and their little chat about rights, marriage, and keeping a straight face absolutely captivated me. Kudos to the two actors – magnificent work.

Petrov and Underwood eventually make a deal. As for Corrigan? He’ll be released, and Underwood will be the one reading a statement. But during the night, while Claire was sleeping in Corrigan’s cell, ego took over Corrigan. Corrigan committed suicide. I must admit, I saw this coming – but it doesn’t undermine the weight of the scene as Claire watches her ‘cell-mate”s body being taken away.

At the press conference she reveals that she slept while it was happening. She reveals that he hung himself with her scarf. And she reveals, to Russia and the rest of the world, why he did what he did. He didn’t want to lie. He didn’t want to thank President Petrov. “Shame on you, Mr. President” – The deal’s off.

So… That happened. What follows is an amazing discussion between the Underwoods. These actors are amazing.

Robin Wright is one of my favorite actresses – in this episode she and Christian Camargo steal the spotlight from Kevin Spacey and Lars Mikkelsen. Not that they’re subpar, but the prison scenes are some of the best ever on a Netflix show. Claire is the best character in House of Cards, but not the strongest – she might be the bravest, though.

This episode is full of strong themes, and in this magnificent political thriller they are respected. The four actors that star in this episode deliver the best performances so far in 2015.

I have no idea where the next episode is headed, but I am excited to find out.


I’m Jeffrey Rex

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