REVIEW: Daredevil – “Stick”

I'm Jeffrey Rex Episode Review - Daredevil - StickMarvel’s Daredevil is a new Netflix show from the same universe as the Avengers films. Expect spoilers for every review this season, though I’m going to try to limit spoilery details. “Stick” is the seventh episode of the first season, and in this episode we finally get to see Murdoch’s old friend ‘Stick’.

That Stick guy is one hell of a teacher, huh? Even though the B-story was solid this week, the A-story stole the spotlight due to how spectacular and well acted it was. Every bit of the Stick story was interesting and intriguing, even the final cliffhanger.

Now that Urich and Page are teaming up with Foggy, the season-long mystery is much more interesting to me – hopefully it picks up speed in the episodes to come.

I loved the mentorship flashback with Stick even more so than the fighting sessions. Kudos to Scott Glenn, as well as Skylar Gaertner who was solid as Young Matt.

I absolutely loved Stick as a character, and I thought he worked well with Cox’ Matt Murdock. Their final fight was one to remember, and to see how apparent Matt’s growth was was very cool. However, I hated how the killing of Black Sky happened off-screen – the only thing this episode needed was more Stick.


I’m Jeffrey Rex

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