REVIEW: Daredevil – “Nelson v. Murdock”

I'm Jeffrey Rex Episode Review - Daredevil - Nelson v MurdockMarvel’s Daredevil is a new Netflix show from the same universe as the Avengers films. Expect spoilers for every review this season, though I’m going to try to limit spoilery details. “Nelson v. Murdock” is the tenth episode of the first season, and in this episode Foggy gave us the confrontation we’ve been waiting for.

In the aftermath of one of the most riveting episodes of superhero television shows, we are treated to the origin of Foggy and Matt’s friendship.

I really enjoyed the flashbacks to their college days, and somehow they actually made Charlie Cox look much younger than he is. Not so sure about Elden Henson, though – a beard and longer hair doesn’t do much.

At times I felt that the discussion between Foggy and Matt was too hostile – and perhaps that is the minor flaw with the Netflix model. Everything feels recent, and it doesn’t feel like Foggy’s been in the dark for too long.

The most interesting part of this episode happened with Urich and Karen, when they found Wilson’s mother. It wasn’t really a surprise, but it should be interesting to see their reaction to the revelations of Wilson’s mother.

The supposed death of Vanessa was something, I guess, we were waiting for – something had to doom Fisk, and this was it. He won’t be the same after this, and that’s going to be good for the show.


I’m Jeffrey Rex

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