REVIEW: Daredevil – “Daredevil”

I'm Jeffrey Rex Episode Review - Daredevil - Daredevil epMarvel’s Daredevil is a new Netflix show from the same universe as the Avengers films. Expect spoilers for every review this season. “Daredevil” is the thirteenth and final episode of the first season.

This episode had it all: a change of clothes, Nessun Dorma, and a kick-ass fight sequence. But it all began rather slowly, and soon Owlsley was being figured out and murdered by everyone’s favorite baldheaded maniac. I actually thought Owlsley had wiggled his way out of it, but I guess they needed to make Fisk look even more dangerous.

Detective Hoffman was easily fixing everything, and actually I thought it was too neat of a fix – too easy. But at least it gave us a reason to listen to Nessun Dorma.

Then came the worst proposal of all time. It was a great scene and all, but wouldn’t the MCU/TV Vanessa be upset that he’s done something that bad? I thought it was weird that she accepted, that’s all.

“I always thought that I was the Samaritan of that story”

That was an amazing monologue by this show’s antagonist. He was never a clear cut villain, he was as complex as he needed to be. I’ve loved what D’Onofrio has done with the character. His fight with Daredevil was very cool, even if we knew they couldn’t really let either of them die. You knew he was being locked away. And now he gets to feel alone, staring at a Rabbit in a Snow Storm – figuring out which man he wants to be.

As for the red costume? Well, it doesn’t look as bad as I thought at first. It’d be terrible in daylight, and the mask is horrible – but in the dark, his natural habitat, it’s just fine.

A great episode to end a great season. Look for my full season review soon.


I’m Jeffrey Rex

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