REVIEW: Daredevil – “Condemned”

I'm Jeffrey Rex Episode Review - Daredevil - CondemnedMarvel’s Daredevil is a new Netflix show from the same universe as the Avengers films. Expect spoilers for every review this season, though I’m going to try to limit spoilery details. “Condemned” is the sixth episode of the first season, and this one definitely felt like a classic mid-season finale.

“We’re nothing alike.”

If you had seen the trailer for this show, you were probably just waiting for the first conversation between Fisk and Matt. And it didn’t disappoint, as Matt definitely felt out of depth in this episode, wherein we finally felt the true power of Kingpin.

I’m still not a fan of the scenes involving Ben Urich, which is a shame – ’cause I really like the actor. I’m glad they didn’t kill Urich off in the shooting.

Foggy’s reaction to the vigilante wasn’t really a surprise, the friend always reacts negatively to the vigilante – some might call the scene wherein Foggy sees the footage cliche, and I can definitely understand that way of thinking.

Overall it was a solid ‘mid-season finale’, featuring great dialogue and fights – however parts of the episode were kind of cliche.


I’m Jeffrey Rex

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