REVIEW: Better Call Saul – “Nacho”

I'm Jeffrey Rex Episode Review - Better Call Saul - Nacho
The following is a review of the third episode of AMC’s Better Call Saul, which premiered in Europe on Netflix this morning.

Here’s Johnny! – This week’s Better Call Saul easily manages to captivate its audience by continuing to obscure the origin of Saul Goodman Jimmy McGill, while giving us another glimpse at Jonathan Banks and Michael Mando’s characters. But I’ll get to that, because while these characters’ transformation and evolution is extremely interesting, the opening of this episode managed to peak my interest.

Sure, Jimmy in jail doesn’t really surprise me – to be perfectly honest – but seeing his brother beeing responsible and lucid is a nice change; and to hear some vague details about what Jimmy actually did is… Well, it certainly is intriguing. I had a problem with this scene though. While the episode is beautifully orchestrated, I thought that the lighting presented for the first time in the opening flashback was not only irritating, but also somewhat confusing. Remember how the flash-forward in Uno was black and white, I would’ve liked to see a more distinguishing style for this flashback than what was in the rest of the episode.

Also, I found some of the acting performances to be subpar. I am, of course, not talking about Odenkirk, Banks, Mando or Rhea Seehorn. The two police detectives weren’t convincing, and they stood out as subpar when acting alongside Odenkirk, and Banks especially.

The story, however, is absolutely riveting. Jimmy continues to wrestle with the responsibility of his occupation – and the danger he has gotten himself into. His payphone scenes were masterful, I absolutely love the way they were shot – and acted out.

The way the episode ends is intriguing. Jimmy has already made the phonecall announcing he has them – but will what transpired at the final minute change anything for our soon-to-be conman?

Prior to this episode we had seen Ehrmantraut, but this is the first episode wherein he saw some action – for the lack of a better word. I love that character, and to see Jimmy and Mike’s relationship evolve is extremely interesting. Which brings me to Michael Mando.

Following Mijo I noted how happy I was to see Mando act in a show like this – I still am – and I really liked how he performed at the police station. I desperately want to see Vaas Montenegro in his character, and I think we might be in luck.


I’m Jeffrey Rex

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