REVIEW: Better Call Saul – “Hero”

I'm Jeffrey Rex Episode Review - Better Call Saul - Hero
The following is a review of the fourth episode of AMC’s Better Call Saul, which premiered in Europe on Netflix this morning.

Hamlindigo Blue? Seriously? – The fourth episode of the first season of the new AMC-hit Better Call Saul gives us a proper introduction to Slippin’ Jimmy McGill. The secretive attorney from Breaking Bad was full-on con-man in the episode Hero, wherein we saw a great flashback – and the original nature of Jimmy.

S’all Good, Man! – It was good to see the real ‘origin’ of his later pseudonym, oh and did you spot the actor assisting Jimmy in the flashback? I’m talking about the guy lying on the ground? That was Mel Rodriguez, Enlisted fans might recognize him – but Community fans should. Remember how he needed classes for his scuba-certification?

When the Kettlemans said that McGill was the kind of lawyer guilty-people hired, I really felt bad for Jimmy – and when he accepted the… Retaining fee, viewers were right there with him. Though when he said: “Upon this rock I will build my church” I actually thought he would invest in the offices he holds in Breaking Bad… Oh well.

I loved the scene where he was buying the Hamlin-suit. I was really worried that he was just spending all of his money for no rhyme or reason, but thankfully there was a method to the madness. Jimmy went over and looked at a shirt-and-tie – yup that was the ‘Saul-look’. The part of me that wants to see Gus Fring on Better Call Saul also thought he saw the classic Fring shirt-and-tie combo in the store – but my eyes might’ve been playing a trick on me.

I’m starting to warm up to Kim Wexler. I really enjoyed what Rhea Seehorn did in this episode, and I’m really excited about what’s going to happen next. Her little smile in her final scene was spot-on. Had Jimmy been a fly-on-the-wall right then and there, then he would’ve been absolutely delighted with Hamlin’s reaction.

Local Lawyer, Local Hero – I’m going to be perfectly honest right here, I didn’t really see the con-man billboard-scene coming. That was genius on Jimmy’s part, and one of my favorite scenes so far this season.

Chuck is becoming very interesting, and his little journey to grab the Albuquerque Journal was really sad. You get why Jimmy has to keep all of this a secret, so it’s heartbreaking to see the lengths Chuck goes to in order to see exactly what’s wrong. I feel really bad for Chuck.

“You have seven new messages…” – I actually think this was one of the best episodes of Better Call Saul yet, it might’ve actually been the best. Seeing Slippin’ Jimmy was great, finding out more about Kim and Chuck was a delight – but one of the things I’ve failed to mention so far, was how great it was to see Saul Jimmy stand up to Nacho somewhat. Our con-man is alive and well.


I’m Jeffrey Rex

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