Marvel/Sony: Spider-Man Deal is Done?!

Awhile ago, via the Sony-leaks, we learned of the potential Sony-Marvel deal to put Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Today we’ve heard that the deal has been done. Spidey might be coming home. I will try to stay spoiler free in this article – so for huge spoilers go to original link provided at the bottom of the article.

I learned of this via Superhero Feed on Twitter, who acquired the information from Latino Review. So thank you, Latino Review for breaking this rumour. Latino Review writes that they: “[…] understand: […] Spider-Man IS in [Avengers: Infinity Wars – Part One], the Sony deal went through.”

Spider-Man was my favourite superhero when I was a kid, and I loved the Tobey Maguire-films – except for the third one. If this deal has, indeed, been done – then sit back, relax. Surely Marvel will fix Spider-Man. Right? Right?!

For the original article containing the rumour click here, however be careful – the article contains a lot of Marvel Phase 3 Potential Spoilers that might destroy the phase for you.

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– I’m Jeffrey Rex.