REVIEW: Better Call Saul – Alpine Shepherd Boy

I'm Jeffrey Rex Episode Review - Better Call Saul - Alpine Shepherd Boy
The following is a review of the fifth episode of AMC’s Better Call Saul, which premiered in Europe on Netflix this morning.

Don’t you just feel bad for Chuck? I mean that opening… While his neighbor didn’t exactly sell him the paper, it sucked that she actually called the cops on someone leaving five dollars as payment. Considering the lengths he went to to get the paper, it sucks that he had to go through that rough ordeal with the cops. His brother’s doing somewhat better though, as is to be expected from last week’s episode.

I want to secede from the United States – Well, okay then. Jimmy sure is getting more clients, and our guy’s not exactly the kind of lawyer that says no to anything upfront, not then and there. But that retaining fee? That’s sure to make anyone cut and run. As for the suggestive talking toilet? Yeah. Don’t go there Jimmy. The drafting of the will, however, yeah that’s much better – though not exactly my speed, watch the episode and you’ll understand what I mean. Continue reading “REVIEW: Better Call Saul – Alpine Shepherd Boy”