REVIEW: Sherlock: A Study in Pink

Sherlock - Reviewed

The following is an episode review of Sherlock: Series 1, Episode 1 – A Study in Pink

Recently, I decided to review every single episode of BBC’s Sherlock, one of my favorite shows still on the air. It all began with A Study in Pink, which I feared wouldn’t hold up as well as I remembered it. But, actually, the snappy dialogue kept me intrigued and pleased throughout the episode, in spite of the less-than-stellar whodunnit-revelation.

In A Study in Pink we are treated to the introduction of two legendary fictional characters, Dr. John Watson (Martin Freeman) and detective Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch). Their first case is an intriguing one, as Sherlock must deduce how a string of suicides, can be the work of a cynical murderer. The criminal in question hides in plain sight, and we are about to learn just how brilliant the best detective of all-time is.

I loved the character introductions. When I first watched the episode, years ago, I was put off initially by Watson’s introduction – but it all works quite well, as the opposites meet. What we would come to learn already in this episode is that John and Sherlock’s relationship is far better than the mysteries they seek to unravel. John realizing that he suffers from a psychosomatic injury is still one of my favorite developments of the entire show.

One of the great pleasures, that this episode gives us, is the enjoyment of watching Benedict Cumberbatch having lots of fun with his character. Sherlock is wonderful, and he is brilliant (perhaps the best moment of his in A Study in Pink is when he realizes that John was the man who saved him in the end). The snappy and witty dialogue gifts us with a thrilling back-and-forth between our two protagonists, and this was the beginning of something truly special.

While the episode does set up the series’ story arc with the Moriarty-scream, I felt that the ultimate criminal reveal was somewhat boring. The criminal wasn’t exciting, his methods were disappointing, and even Sherlock seemed disappointed.

A Study in Pink is a very good opening episode for the show. I thought the revelation of the ‘whodunnit‘ was a bit underwhelming, and, come to think of it, I thought the introduction of Mycroft could’ve been saved for a later episode, but I digress. It is an excellent show, and you’re missing out if you’re still not watching it.


-I’m Jeffrey Rex