REVIEW: Preacher – “The Possibilities”

Preacher Review Outline

The following is a quick review of the third episode of ‘Preacher’, available on AMC in the United States and on Viaplay in Denmark. Expect spoilers for the episode.

In the third episode of Preacher (“The Possibilities”), Jesse (played by Dominic Cooper) tests out his powers with Cassidy (played by Joseph Gilgun), who once again takes on the two mysterious ‘cowboys’. Meanwhile, Tulip (played by Ruth Negga) gets awfully close to finally getting Jesse back on her side.

What are the limitations to Jesse Custer’s powers? Right now, it seems like he has to speak carefully, as his commands are taken literally. I guess, his “Open. Your. Eyes.” command did work, but not as intended. She did open her eyes, but she didn’t ‘wake up’.

In the pilot, we saw what “Open your heart.” meant, and in this episode we got to see two of Jesse’s victims meet. The bus-driver didn’t remember the little girl, but that didn’t stop him from noticing her. His urges didn’t go away, and he probably won’t stop ogling her… Choose your words better, Jesse. He even acted like Kilgrave from Marvel’s Jessica Jones at one point, when he encountered the ‘bunny-howl-man’ in the public bathroom.

“Sing me some Johnny Cash.” – Jesse Custer.

“Me, some Johnny Cash!” – Cassidy.

Tulip, Cassidy, and Jesse are still so damn entertaining. Cassidy has already become my favorite character, and his moments with Jesse in this episode we’re great. Seeing Jesse test his power on Cassidy was just as great as hearing Cassidy’s possible explanations for what is going on with Jesse’s power. Brilliant. But I do have some problems with the episode.

The title of the episode touches on the biggest problem that I have with the show and the episode pretty well. There are so many ways this show could work, but the show feels sort of lost. So many possibilities. What is the general narrative of the show? What’s going to be the series long story? Are we supposed to go with Tulip to Carlos, or is this show about the town Jesse is preaching in?

Right now, it’s just really confusing and odd that, three episodes into the first season, I have no idea what we’re really building towards. With that having been said, though, I care about the characters so far. Even though we have two cowboys, clones, aliens, or angels that keep appearing out of nowhere, I am still intrigued by the show.


– I’m Jeffrey Rex